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4 Expert-Approved Hair Colors That Perfectly Suit Morenas

4 Expert-Approved Hair Colors That Perfectly Suit Morenas
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Which shade are you getting?

You're free to paint your locks with whatever color you want. Your hair is your canvas, so play around as you wish! However, listening and following some color theories won't hurt as well. Matching the tones of your skin to that of your hair color does wonders for your overall look! And to help out the morenas out there, we spoke with two experienced colorists to guide you as you try to find your perfect match. Read all about them below!

1. Chocolate Brown (for medium-warm skin)

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For skin with warm or golden undertones, chocolate browns are foolproof. "Try a slightly darker base than your skin tone such as neutral to warm browns," says L'Oréal Professionnel Chief Education Manager, Anna Trinidad. Shades of mocha and dark chocolate, such as those in the L'Oréal Majirel Cool Cover Mochas and French Brown Dark Chocolates, will give you good options.


Meanwhile, Jing Monis Salon Senior Stylist Marquee Alonsabe recommends going for chocolate browns with a golden hue. "This shade suits morenas since the shade blends beautifully with the skin complexion," he explains.

2. Mahogany Brown or Chocolate Red (for deep-warm and medium-olive skin tones)


Gently incorporating a bit of red into your hair will highlight your skin beautifully. "[Shades like this] brighten the skin complexion and adds life and depth to the hair," according to Marquee. It gives a pop of color to your locks without looking overly done.

For this color, Anna recommends L'Oréal's Majirouge range, specifically the shades between 4 and 6. She further explains how the warmth from the mahogany will balance the green undertones in olive skin.

3. Rich Red (for deep-warm and medium-olive skin tones)

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A bolder color option you'll love is a rich, velvety red. It'll particularly suit those with warmer undertones if you choose an equally warm kind of red. So yes, you can bring your mermaid hair dreams to life, provided that you go for a muted color. Marquee describes the ideal hue as "medium velvet".

4. Dark Brown and Black (for deep-cool skin tones)


"[Cool-toned morenas can] benefit from deep, dark dramatic tones such as dark brown to black," says Anna. These colors will add a romantic vibe to your locks. Fortunately, these two colors may or may not already be your natural hair color! If not, touch up with a shade with the slightest bit of ashy undertones.

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