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Coloring Your Hair for the First Time? 5 Must-Know Tips From A Top Hairstylist

Lourd Ramos gives solid advice from choosing a color, to post-coloring styling and care.
Coloring Your Hair for the First Time? 5 Must-Know Tips From A Top Hairstylist

Dyeing your hair is both an exciting and nerve-wracking experience—especially when you're doing it for the first time. Like your sense of style, it’s a way to express your individuality and make a statement about who you are. But before booking an appointment at the salon, heed professional hairstylist Lourd Ramos' tips on how to choose a hair color for your first-ever dye job:

1. Think of how you style your hair every day.

How you wear your hair plays a part in choosing a hair color, too. “Do you style your hair every day or do you let it fall freely?” Lourd asks. “These will affect the color and cut of your hair.” If you’re fond of using heat styling tools, you might want to consider no-heat hairstyles with your colored hair. Since your hair will be chemically treated when you color it, using a curling wand, flatiron, or blow dryer can make your hair look dry, brittle, dull, and damaged.

2. Browse for pegs.

“When my clients see that they like a particular look from one of their favorite celebrities or on social media, they are very aggressive in wanting to copy it,” shares Lourd, “so we compromise on how we can make the look work for them.” Check resources like magazines, Instagram, Pinterest, and websites dedicated to hair trends to help you find your ideal color. Save your favorite looks and show them to your stylist so he or she can figure out how to make the color work for you.

3. Ease into a hair color if you’re not fully committed.

It’s normal to have a sense of trepidation when you’re coloring your hair, especially when you’re deciding on a lighter or bolder look. There are ways to ease yourself into a hair color by trying more subtle treatments. “Highlights and lowlights are the latest trends now,” advises Lourd. “You can use these techniques with colors like blonde and red to get your desired look.”

4. Don’t worry about your skin tone.

For years, it was believed that you should choose your hair color according to your skin’s undertone—warm colors complement warm skin tones, while cool colors complement cool skin tones. This isn’t the case anymore. “The trend these days is color on color,” Lourd says. “Toners are adjusted accordingly, not depending on skin tone, but rather on the color preference of the client. For example, if a girl with morena skin decides to dye her hair platinum, we compromise by adjusting the toner, so it can still complement her overall look.”

5. Give colored hair the extra TLC it needs.

Post-care products are important to make your hair color last longer. “You might need monthly salon visits to get your desired hair color,” explains Lourd. Shampoo and conditioner sets specifically made for color care are best for chemically treated hair. When you finally decide to get your dye job, help restore and protect your tresses with the new TRESemmé Pro-Color Series. It has an anti-fade, color-lasting technology that can help keep your hair vibrant while locking in color. For colored hair, try TRESemmé Pro-Color Series in Color Radiance to help your color last longer and look more vibrant. If you’re going for the blonde or platinum route, TRESemmé Pro-Color series in Blonde Brilliance is the perfect variant for you—it's made with a purple formula to help neutralize brassy tones.

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