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7 Light Blonde Hair Color Ideas That Would Look Flattering on Filipinas

Planning to go blonde?
7 Light Blonde Hair Color Ideas That Would Look Flattering on Filipinas
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Planning to go blonde?

If you’re tired of your natural dark hair color or have exhausted all shades of brown on your tresses, maybe it’s about time you go blonde. Though the notion may seem intimidating at first, blonde when done right is a foolproof way of looking effortlessly stylish and cool. Take it from fashion influencers like Laureen Uy and Chi Gibbs who've had a myriad of light blonde looks to elevate their outfits. Even celebrities like Sarah Lahbati and Maggie Wilson have donned shades of blonde on their locks.

Laureen Uy has tried various blonde shades throughout the years.
PHOTO BY Instagram/laureen

What do I need to do to get blonde hair?

First thing you have to know is that you can never achieve a proper blonde ‘do without bleaching. We mentioned previously that pre-lightening is a must for Filipina hair because we have naturally warm or yellow undertones. Since Pinays usually have black to dark brown virgin hair, a minimum of two bleaching sessions are needed to lift the color to a level that can be toned.

Toning is also important when going blonde. This basically means the process of applying your desired shade or “tone” to correct or personalize your hair color to suit your complexion more. Without toning your hair, the end result could look brassy. A brassy blonde has the tendency to look unkempt or “dirty” on medium to dark skin tones, so it’s best to avoid this unflattering color result.

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Where can I buy hair bleach?

Hair bleaching kits are no longer hard to come by these days and are easily available in department stores and drugstores. You can also opt to shop online, but be wary of the brands! Never buy bleaching kits that are repacked and without labels! Remember, you are putting chemicals on your hair and scalp that have the tendency to leave significant damage when the products are faulty. You can look out for bleach and oxidizing lotions from L’Oreal, Hortaleza Salon, OMG, Monea, and Lolane to be sure of the quality.

Beautiful Light Blonde Hair Colors Perfect for Filipinas

As we mentioned earlier, any shade of brassy blonde is a no-no Pinays. Ultimately, light cool or warm (not orange-y) tones would look great on a light, medium, and deep tan. So if you’re unsure which shade of blonde is perfect for you, we rounded up some pretty options to choose from below:

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1. Honey Blonde

Sarah Lahbati definitely proves how pretty this blonde hue is. Though a tad bit brassy, this warm but light hair color is perfect for girls with a medium to fair complexion and looks great as one full color without any dimensional highlights, too! Since it is quite yellowish in tone, the upkeep is easier in terms of using purple toners. Just remember to never use shampoo with sulfates!

PHOTO BY Instagram/sarahlahbati

2. Cool Ash Blonde

This is one of the prettiest shades of blonde you can opt to get done, but it's arguably one of the most difficult to maintain as well. Cool ash hues, because you have to tone it with blue, green, or purple, have a tendency to wash out or fade fast—and we mean after two to three washes. To keep your ‘do looking fresh for longer, make sure to have semi-permanent toners readily available at home so you can retouch your color on the fly.

PHOTO BY Instagram/chiiloyzagagibbs

3. Warm Ash Blonde

This type of ash comes across more like a creamy beige hue that’s a step closer to rose gold or strawberry blonde. This is perfect for girls with medium to deep skin tones as it creates a beautiful contrast and softens your features at the same time. Sue Ramirez has sported this hue multiple times over and it definitely makes her glow. 

PHOTO BY Instagram/sueannadoodles

4. Rose Gold

This hair color was the hottest hue to get a few years back and it’s pretty obvious why. This peachy color is the perfect mix of blonde and pink and is stunning when done right. Since this shade is quite specific and hard to achieve on your own, we suggest to have it done by a professional.

PHOTO BY Instagram/bleachlondon

5. Golden Blonde

Much like honey blonde but with a more yellow tone, this is a great color to sport for morenas everywhere. The sun-kissed shade is great against beautifully tanned skin, and looks even better with brown low lights.

PHOTO BY Instagram/lilymaymac

6. Platinum Blonde

The lightest blonde hue that’s closest to silver or white, this statement hair color will look great as long as you’ve got the attitude for it. Kim Jones sported this ‘do for awhile and it definitely upgraded all her 'fits at fashion week. That said, girls who have a medium to fair complexion should definitely consider this icy shade for their next trip to the salon.

PHOTO BY Instagram/kimcamjones

7. Blonde Balayage

For girls who want their thin or limp hair to look thicker and volumized, a balayage application is a must. Since the technique involves a more dimensional application of color that includes highlights and a bit of an ombre, a blonde balayage will definitely transform even a single length hair cut into a seemingly textured style.

PHOTO BY Instagram/wilsonmaggie
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