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How to Take Care of Your Hair If You Have an Oily Scalp

Skipping conditioner is not the answer!
How to Take Care of Your Hair If You Have an Oily Scalp
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Skipping conditioner is not the answer!

Our scalp is technically part of our skin, and like our face, it could either be oily, normal, or dry. Being in the oily category usually means your roots get shiny easily, to the point where you're tempted to take a second shower or maybe spray another layer of dry shampoo. That said, before you do either of those, we want you to know that there's an alternative.

Hair Care Routine for Oily Scalp

Dealing with an oily scalp can be tricky, but such is the price of genetics on top of our humid weather. Thankfully, adjusting your hair care routine can eventually make it the least of your worries. Ahead, we list some pointers on how to treat your hair type right:

Step 1: Shampoo

Svenson trichologist Teresa Cruz says that shampooing more frequently (daily or every other day) is key to balancing an oily scalp. Note that you're not necessarily trying to dry your scalp out—you just need to habitually remove the oil buildup so your hair always looks and feels fresh. Look for shampoos with detoxifying benefits, cleansing properties, or those particularly catering to oily scalps!


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Step 2: Conditioner

Some tend to think that people with an oily scalp can do without conditioner, but that's actually not true! You can have both an oily scalp and dry hair at the same time, and skipping conditioner will only make your dehydrated strands prone to breakage. The trick here is to only apply conditioner on the lengths of your hair, avoiding the scalp entirely. We recommend opting for conditioners with a milky or gel consistency that won't weigh your tresses down, too!

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Step 3: Treatment

An oily scalp is like your skin—it compensates for lack of moisture by producing more oil. While your usual hair care routine does help, getting a scalp treatment once every two weeks is a more heavy-duty way to balance the moisture levels of your scalp. You'll get softer locks out of it, too, so it's a win-win!


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Step 4: Dry Shampoo

When you don't have time for a full cleanse mid-afternoon, give your roots a quick spritz of dry shampoo. Gently massage the product onto your scalp with your fingers, and then watch all that excess oil disappear in a flash. Some dry shampoos come in sheets (yes, like the ones for your face) and powder as well in case you aren't a fan of aerosol cans. If your scalp is extra prone to oil, keep a travel-size version in your handbag in case of emergencies!

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