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Here's How to Avoid Hair Damage When You Bleach Your Hair

There IS a way.
Here's How to Avoid Hair Damage When You Bleach Your Hair
There IS a way.

Bleaching your hair will damage it in one way or another. It's just one of the inevitable parts of getting the hair color of your dreams. That said, if you've never done it before, don't be discouraged—you can make it out of the salon with your virgin tresses in one piece. How? Be prepared.

Now, we're not talking about overdosing on hair masks and conditioners—although that would make sense. However, Allure's digital beauty editor Sable Yong, who has vibrant locks herself, actually advises to do the exact opposite.


On Instagram stories, someone days away from a bleachings sesh asks Sable about the best way to prepare. Here's her answer: "From now until your appointment, do not wash your hair. It's going to be gross—but trust me, you want those oils."

Before you cringe, the beauty editor explains that the accumulated oil from your no-wash streak will help protect your scalp from the bleach, especially if it's your first time going blonde from roots to ends. This is because bleaching with a dry scalp will only make you more prone to irritation, which is never good news.

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So, are you finally making that color appointment?

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