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Grooming Tips For Men

Grooming Tips For Men Jigs Mayuga shares his wisdom with the boys.

As our first Beauty Insider profile, Jigs Mayuga already helped a lot of you girls out there with his rules on make up application and technique. But since it's the fathers in our lives that are taking centerstage this week, we decided to give the men some useful tips on keeping themselves presentable. So call you dad, husband, brother or boyfriend to the computer to learn a thing or two about stepping it up a notch in the grooming department.

1. Leave shaving cream on for a minimum of five minutes to avoid nicks and cuts.

2. Always emulsify hair products between the palm of your hands before applying them to your hair. I always see men with chunks of product on their hair -- not cool.

3. It's ok to groom your brows. One way of doing it without making it girly is by tweezing in between your brows and shaping ABOVE not below your natural brow line.

4. Know your barbering terms (clipper length, tapering, texturizing, thinning shears) if you want a salon quality haircut from your friendly neighborhood barber.

5. Go to the gym. It will sculpt your physique as well as your face. This is my best grooming advice. Trust me on this.


—Reggie Aquino, Beauty Assistant

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