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This Skin Whitening Ad Is Going Viral for Its Alleged Discriminatory Tone

The internet is NOT having it.
This Skin Whitening Ad Is Going Viral for Its Alleged Discriminatory Tone
IMAGE Facebook/Glutamax
The internet is NOT having it.

It’s the year 2019, and we’re proud of our morena skin. But apparently, some people haven’t yet gotten the memo. Case in point: Skin whitening brand GlutaMAX's now-viral ad campaign, which is currently under fire as it elicits enraged reactions all over social media. It's prefaced by statistics pointing out how “[three] in [five] Filipinos believe that people with fairer skin receive better treatment from others.” In light of this, GlutaMAX promises to give every dark-skinned Filipino "a fair advantage" with the use of their product. They even end their ad cheekily by saying, "Wag magalit, mag-GlutaMAX!"

It doesn’t stop online, though, because they have a giant billboard along EDSA, too. What reportedly started as an ad that seemingly questions the rampant colorism in the country—"Maputi lang, maganda na? Unfair ‘di ba?"—was eventually replaced by the second billboard below.  

The jab at morenas didn't escape the majority of the internet, claiming that the ad is blatantly enabling discrimination, essentially telling a pre-dominantly dark-skinned country that, by default, you’ll always be at the bottom of the food chain unless you have a lighter complexion.


If social media’s up in arms reactions below are any indication, it seems no one’s letting GlutaMAX get away with their controversial and now-viral ad campaign.

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