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This Tutorial Proves You Don't Need to Be Flawless to Have "Glass Skin"

It's the most practical one we've watched to date.
This Tutorial Proves You Don't Need to Be Flawless to Have "Glass Skin"
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It's the most practical one we've watched to date.

If you think "glass skin" makeup requires you to be naturally poreless and translucent, then you can't be farther away from the truth. FYI, whether you have dry, oily, or acne-prone skin, achieving this K-beauty trend comes easy when equipped with the right products and techniques.

Need more convincing? Let celebrity makeup artist and Lancôme global creative director Lisa Eldridge change your mind. She's been doing glass skin makeup before the term was even coined (for more than 20 years now, if we may add), so best believe that she can show you how to do it in the most practical way possible. She actually filmed an entire makeup tutorial for you to watch and learn from! See it below:

Need to brush up on the highlights? Here are our favorite tips from the tutorial:

1. Focus heavily on skincare.

"The whole point about the Korean glass skin look is that you use as little makeup as possible, so you do as much prep as possible," Lisa says in the video. Do whatever you feel makes your skin look it best, be it exfoliating, sheet masking, layering serums, or simply moisturizing your skin enough. It's totally up to you. Point is, you should have a smooth and well-hydrated base so your skin becomes dewy even before makeup.

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2. If you're oily, use a pore-perfecting product before foundation.

The last thing you want this makeup to do is emphasize your pores or unwanted skin texture, so make sure to apply a smoothing primer or mattifier that'll blur them out.

3. Highlight strategically.

Applying highlighter all over your face (especially liquid highlighters) is a no-no if you have oily or combination skin. Instead, the makeup artist recommends applying only over the high points of the face, like the top of the cheekbones and the bridge of the nose. That way, you still get that luminosity without looking greasy.

4. Use as little concealer as possible.

Using too much concealer will take away the illusion of bare and natural-looking skin, so for this look, Lisa recommends concealing only where you need it, such as on prominent blemishes and dark circles.

5. Don't forget about blush.

A hint of blush prevents your skin from looking too flat and making that layer of foundation too obvious. Use either a cream or liquid formula for a glassier finish!


6. Mattify only where it's needed.

Keep the glassy effect going by limiting the powder on your skin. In other words, avoid mattifying your entire face! In the video, Lisa used a silicone-based mattifying gel as a powder substitute, applying only where she put concealer and on her T-zone to set those areas. You can do the same with your regular face powder, of course!

7. Wear it with a glossy lip.

Don't let your lip color dull your skin's shine by giving it its own sheen. Finish off your look with a lip oil or with any moisturizing lipstick to amplify your glow!

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