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Why Clinique's New Ambassador is our Girl Crush

Haaave you met Hannah Bronfman?
Why Clinique's New Ambassador is our Girl Crush Haaave you met Hannah Bronfman?

Clinique is a brand most of us are familiar with. Some of us probably even inherited their famous cleanse-exfoliate-moisturize routine from our mothers, who took to its squeaky clean appeal in their image-conscious twenties. Now, as it positions itself among a whole new generation of millennials with quite the same concerns, the brand has introduced 3 new ambassadors: Rookie editor Tavi Gevinsonblogger Margaret Zhang and our current girl crush, Hannah Bronfman. While the latter may not be as well known in these shores, here are 5 reasons why we think this girl is actually the most relatable, and definitely worth knowing.


1. For starters she’s a 26-year old DJ (check out her Soundcloud here), model, and entrepreneur based in Manhattan. She’s also the co-founder of Beautified, an app designed to help you find last minute beauty services. Think of it as an Uber for manicures.

2. She’s a major health buff. She plays tennis and does yoga with her super-hot boyfriend Brendan Fallis (also a DJ/model). Her abs are crazy sick and we love how she isn’t the stereotypical skinny waif that floats through runways.

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3. She runs, a website where she shares stories and tips covering fitness, food, fashion, beauty, travel, and music. And if, for one second, you’re thinking that it’s just another blog, it isn’t. There’s certainly more to it than just #ootds and “sponsored” posts.


4. She girl hangs with the coolest cats and sits front row at Stella McCartney.

5. And most importantly, like you, she’s a real girl living in a very real world. She’s got a reasonable clothing allowance just like you and she doesn’t blow all her money on designer duds. We heart you, Hannah.


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