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What's your fragrance personality?
Get Whiffed What's your fragrance personality?

Fruity, floral, oriental, woody, fresh—so much to sniff, so little time. Chances are you've been overwhelmed one point or another by the innumerable fragrance options in the market; scent categories seem to be expanding as fast as perfume brands themselves. And with the dazzling world of mainstream celebrity infiltrating what used to be an elite, almost aristocratic industry, the choices have multiplied by the hundreds, and are now as individual to a person as his or her own thumbprint.

What used to be a well-defined science—roses are red, violets are blue, both make for great perfume—has now evolved to something more and more peculiar: our forefathers may have balked at the idea of pumpkin soup and freshly-baked cookie dough as perfume notes back in the day, but nowadays, the possibilities are literally endless.

We offer you the most distilled version: for women, there are four general fragrance families, namely floral, fruity, fresh/green and oriental/exotics. A most recent addition, the gourmand or “foody” scents, are now being considered a fifth category due to their popularity and mass appeal (e.g. most celebrity scents have a sweet, foody heart). Each category is as distinct as the personality that favors them, from their lifestyles, fashion sense, to food preferences.

Though some of us are lucky enough to have found their signature scent—and this usually means the start of a lifetime love affair—the rest of us need to play the field a bit to discover the right one. No worries, though: as with everything else, half the fun is in the choosing so sniff to your hearts' content!

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—Eunice Lucero, Beauty Editor

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