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Get Out of Your Skincare Rut

Your regimen stopped working for you? Here’s how to step up your skincare game.
Get Out of Your Skincare Rut

Sometimes, we become so obsessed with stepping up our skincare that we forget one thing when it all goes haywire – going back to basics. Rule number one when it comes to saving face? Hydration. If you’re deep into a 14-step routine and without any results, or you switch moisturizers faster than clothes only to worsen a flare-up, or you’ve been using one thing since you were born (some do) just because you don’t know what’s really for your skin, always remember to go back to square one, aka hydrate. It strengthens, makes skin more elastic (read: younger-looking), and it rebuilds damage, which lets you add to your current line-up or build that probably complicated regimen of your dreams without any violent reaction from your skin Also, no matter what skin type you are, remember that a face stripped of oils will only again overproduce to compensate. So hydrate, because a moisturized face means a balanced one.

Start with
1. Hydration Facial Wash
Cleanses without drying or over-exfoliating, this one works for all skin types.

Follow up with
2. Alcohol-free Toner
If you’re bothered about getting breakouts, this has Witch Hazel that prevents it. Apply only where you need it.

Finish with:
3. Facial Moisturizer
A non-greasy hydrogel format moisturizer with Glycerin, Provitamin B5 and Aloe Vera, this makes sure your skin doesn’t dry out (and makeup, cake!) in the middle of the day.

For when you need it:
4. Makeup Remover Wipes
Not only does it unclog skin pores caused by makeup and excess oil, its Active Skin Hydrators gives it moisturizing powers too, the perfect pre-game for a nighttime skin regimen.

CELETEQUE is available in all major beauty counters and drugstores nationwide.

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