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Georgina Wilson Had a Major Fan Moment with Gigi Hadid

Plus, more about her backstage experience on covering NYFW!
Georgina Wilson Had a Major Fan Moment with Gigi Hadid Plus, more about her backstage experience on covering NYFW!

The thought of New York Fashion Week never fails to make us feel giddy with excitement. And this season, as the hottest Spring/Summer trends sashayed down the runway, Maybelline New York gave us more reasons to look forward to this major fashion extravaganza. Kicking off the NYFW, the beauty giant introduced its newest celebrity endorser, Georgina Wilson.


Striding around the Big Apple in her runway-ready looks, the Asia’s Next Top Model host conquered the streets of NYC in style while also giving us a live coverage of the fashionable happenings backstage at the NYFW.

Below, George spilled the beans about her experience covering #MaybellineNYFW: 

How does it feel to be given access backstage at the NYFW shows?

"It’s been such an incredible experience! The backstage of New York Fashion Week is on another level and it’s been so cool seeing the top Maybelline makeup artists of the world work – like, being able to ask them for tips, etc. – it was just surreal!"

Did you have fan girl moments? Who were the celebs you spotted?

"MAJOR fan moment with Gigi Hadid! Adrianna Lima was soooo sweet, too. And she loves the Philippines!"

How did you plan your OOTDs for the shows you’ve attended?

"I actually had a hard time [planning]. I just brought a few of my favorite pieces and adjusted based on the makeup looks. Like, for example, when we picked a red lip, it automatically became a white Dion Lee outfit day. Balmain is also my forever go-to [designer label]!” 

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Which was your favorite runway look?

"During the Maybelline-sponsored shows, I loved all the bare-faced, natural looks because they were done so subtly. It was amazing watching their techniques!"

Which personality did you enjoy interviewing the most?

"Interviewing the chief makeup artist of Maybelline New York, Yadim, was a crazy experience! First day and first interviewee – I jumped right into it! He was so nice and accommodating. "


This interview has been condensed and edited.

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