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Georgina Wilson Gets Active

Garnier's brand ambassador, Georgina Wilson, dishes on some beauty and life lessons.
Georgina Wilson Gets Active Garnier's brand ambassador, Georgina Wilson, dishes on some beauty and life lessons.

Last October 18, 2012, Garnier held the culminating activity of their “Get Active Campus Challenge," a campaign promoting youth activeness by having their young voices heard and putting their fresh new ideas into action. Brand amabassador Georgina Wilson graced the event and shared beauty advice and life lessons:


What’s your favorite college memory?

Honestly, my entire experience in college. I look back and it was full of such fun memories. Probably the fondest was my Orsem in Ateneo: It was really fun, you got to tour the school and it made me feel like a grown up back then. I got to see the whole school; It was very overwhelming

When did you start taking care of your skin?

I think it happens when you become a young adolescent, when you experience a lot of changes in your body. Your body starts changing; you have to realize that 'di pala puwede soap lang. You start making changes in your habits to take care of your skin. I think that lives with you for the rest of your life. Be careful of what you do when you are young because it can really affect you.

What’s your usual beauty routine?

I always take off all my makeup because I don’t want my pores to get clogged. Right after I take off my makeup, I wash my face because I don’t like the oily feeling. I moisturize because I feel like my skin is replenished; I usually do that at night. In the morning it’s much quickerI usually just wash my face and use Garnier Milky Lightening Toner because I think it really wakes you up, the citrus scent. I usually don’t moisturize during the day unless I'm traveling. When I travel I think its more appropriate; the climate abroad dries my skin. I think I understand my skin very well and that’s the most important thing. That’s what I want to teach the youth today: You have to understand your skin and take care of it. You should have a tailored beauty routine for your skin.


How do you balance work and play?

I think a balanced life covers everything, like a balanced diet, balanced social life, and work. My job allows me to be able to do that. I guess you just happen to know when to rush, and when to say it’s too much. I obviously see my friends as much as I’d like to and I think it’s very rewarding to see them achieve lots of things. Even if I'm not there we know that we love each other, and when we get to see each other it’s a lot more special. And when you work very hard, you feel much better rewarding yourself. So I feel I’d rather this way than always having some time! I’m not that type of person because I love working. For me, working is the most rewarding feeling.

What made you agree to work with Garnier?

When they approached me and explained that it was going to be for education, and it’s a brand that I love, it was a win-win situation. It’s something I waited a long time for. When it finally happened, I really prayed hard for this campaign and for its success. I think now, after a year, you can really see the results of all our hard work. And it just makes you want to do more.

How do you keep your feet on the ground?

If I can be 100% honest, I used to be fat kid. I think for anybody that used to be a fat kid, it [fame] will never go to their head. I feel that everything happens for a reasonyou have to experience the trials. It will forever be with me; you always have to see your trials as blessings. And I keep myself around people that support me.


What’s your advice to the young Filipinos who look up to you?

My advice to the youth would definitely to stay in school and make the most out of it. Be part of student organizations and enjoy time. There will be a time when you look backI'm not just saying this about college, even in high school—and you'll remember happy memories. Most importantly work hard, because I feel like it's an opportunity that not everyone gets and I hope that I can do something to help the youth get more opportunities. If you have it, 'wag mong sayangin.

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