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5 Gentler Ways to Remove Your Eye Makeup

5 Gentler Ways to Remove Your Eye Makeup
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Stop torturing your poor eyelids.

Taking off your eye makeup doesn't have to be a wrestling match. Even the best waterproof formula slides off instantly if you know the right techniques! No need to painfully rub and tug, just keep reading and you'll be equipped with cleansing tips that'll save your peepers!

1. Before removing your false eyelashes, melt the glue first.

For the love of your precious eyes, don't just rip off your falsies. As satisfying as it might be, you could accidentally pluck your real lashes in the process. Eye irritations due to unnecessary tugging can happen, too! Stay safe by dissolving the glue on your lashes first (read #4!), and then gently tug at the falsies until they detach on their own.

2. Avoid using makeup wipes.

The eye area is very sensitive, and constantly rubbing it with a wet wipe will cause wrinkles overtime. Not only that, many makeup wipes contain a ton of alcohol that might sting your eyes. So while it's okay to use them on your face, they're not the best cleansers for eye makeup!


3. Instead, use a cotton pad.

Makeup artist Nikki Tiu recommends this method for gentler cleansing. Start with soaking a cotton pad with your favorite gentle cleansing water then lightly press it onto your eyelids. Let the pad sit on your eyes for 30 seconds while moving it in small circular motions to catch more product. Use the other side of the cotton pad if once isn't enough!

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4. Clean hard-to-reach areas with a cotton bud.

See any mascara and eyeliner residue? Don't panic. Simply dip a cotton bud into your makeup remover and run it over areas that still have product. Use this method to make removing falsies easier, too!


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Nippon Esthetic Long Tips, P65 for 100,

5. Dissolve everything with cleansing oil.

If your eye makeup is ultra waterproof, a cleansing oil might be your best bet. It's quick, painless, and generally more thorough. Do remember to massage the oil over your eyes gently, since you don't have to rub too hard for it to work. Rinse everything off with water and you're done!


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Biore Cleansing Oil, P299, Watsons; Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil, P1800, Greenbelt 5

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