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7 Young Celebs Who Got Real About Their Skin Insecurities

PSA: Imperfect skin doesn't make you less beautiful.
7 Young Celebs Who Got Real About Their Skin Insecurities
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PSA: Imperfect skin doesn't make you less beautiful.

With their photogenic smiles and magnetic charm, it's easy to assume that celebs are one hundred percent confident in their physical appearance. As it turns out, however, these stars have their own insecurities as well. Some young stars even chose to get candid about their lack of confidence in the hopes that their honesty will empower fellow Gen Z individuals.

Ahead, we list down seven inspiring celebrities who bravely opened up about their skin insecurities:

1. Kyline Alcantara

When she was only 17 years old, the actress got real about struggling with acne as a teen. Although she packed on the concealer to cover up her blemishes and regain some self-esteem, bashers continued to criticize her hormonal breakouts. Kyline eventually recovered from the condition after consulting with a skin expert, but she also reminded other teens to embrace their own flaws. "Don't stress yourself over something to be perfect because it will not come. Accept your uniqueness and use it to your own advantage and represent yourself proudly [through] it," Kyline shared.

PHOTO BY instagram/itskylinealcantara

2. Barbie Imperial

FYI, it's completely normal to have stretch marks! Take it from Barbie, who unapologetically bared the tiger stripes on her chest in an empowering Instagram post last May. "I wanna show people na having stretch marks is not a bad thing, it's not even a flaw. Stretch marks are normal and they're actually beautiful," she explained in an interview. We couldn't have said it better!

PHOTO BY instagram/msbarbieimperial

3. Ylona Garcia

Ylona may enjoy flaunting her morena complexion now, but she hasn't always been proud of her skin tone. In a past interview, she revealed she got bullied at school for being dark-skinned. At some point, she even attempted to lighten her skin tone with lemonade! "When I look back at it, I regret that so much because this makes me who I am. I just want people to know that, don't make yourself something you're not," she said.

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PHOTO BY instagram/ylonagarcia

4. Francine Diaz

If you're still stressing over your pimples, we'll leave it to Francine to convince you that acne is completely normal. Having experienced her fair share of breakouts in the past, she understands that puberty will naturally cause your skin to change and that's totally okay! "For me, [acne is] normal especially sa mga teenager ngayon kasi part 'yan ng growth natin, part 'yan ng pagiging teenagers natin," Francine mentioned in a media launch last year, encouraging others to practice self-love through skincare.

PHOTO BY instagram/francinesdiaz

5. Frankie Pangilinan

Remember that time Frankie tweeted an unfiltered photo of her acne scars? As she mentioned, there's no reason to be ashamed of your real skin texture. She also added an empowering message, saying, "Let's start normalizing what's real."

PHOTO BY twitter/kakiep83

6. Andrea Brillantes

Growing up in the limelight, Andrea's not the type to shy away from getting candid about her insecurities. Aside from dealing with depression and eating disorders, Andrea also went through an uphill battle against her acne. "Sa Kadenang Ginto bago ako pumunta sa set iiyak muna ako sa kotse kasi ang dami kong pimples. Kapag kinakausap ako hindi ako tumitingin kasi nahihiya ako," she shared in a past media conference. Though difficult, Andrea finally boosted her confidence thanks to the support of her loved ones.

PHOTO BY instagram/blythe

7. Rabiya Mateo

Beauty queens aren't immune to bad skin days. Case in point: Rabiya's skin isn't perfect, but that doesn't make her less beautiful! "I had acne for two years and, to be honest, it was the worst type of feeling," she previously shared. While people told her that she got pimples because she wasn't washing her face properly, she insisted that acne is a "medical condition" that requires proper treatment. Hear, hear, Rabiya!

PHOTO BY instagram/rabiyamateo

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