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Here's the One Thing That Can Make Your Ponytails Look Cool Again

Here's the One Thing That Can Make Your Ponytails Look Cool Again
Try it. Now.

A ponytail (unless it's super sleek) isn't usually our first option for things like business meetings and events. It's not exactly the most formal hairstyle out there. We'd much rather go with low buns or leave our locks wild and free.

However, the hair gurus over at Mansur Gavriel don't really share our sentiments. For their Spring/Summer 2018 collection, they're not only making ponytails and coats a match made in heaven, they're also bringing back something you probably haven't worn since grade school: a scrunchie.

You read that right. It wasn't hairstylist Laurent Philippon's idea of a fall hair accessory either.

He tells Vogue, "When I heard scrunchie, I was like, 'Ahhh! My nightmare!'" But sure enough, they pulled it off, gathering the models' locks in a low bundle that looks unexpectedly chic. 


"Loose is key," Laurent stresses. This isn't your average schoolgirl-proof look. "It's better when it looks a little bit messy."

To keep this style on hold, it's best to work with second day hair. Freshly-washed hair or tresses that have just been doused with conditioner will have the scrunchie sliding right off, so if that's your situation, prep with some texturizing spray or hairspray for extra grip. Now all you need to do is part your hair in the middle, pull a front section from each side, and loop in that scrunchie. Voila! Off to work (or to your selfie station) you go.

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