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Fun Lipstick Names: Pink

Wit is the new name of the beauty game.
Fun Lipstick Names: Pink Wit is the new name of the beauty game.

These days the battle between cosmetic brands is no longer just about quality or packaging, because as proven, wit and charm are also big game changers. How can a girl resist a sweetly-hued pink lippie with an equally alluring name like I Don’t Pink So or Candy Yum-Yum?  Right, right? They’re perfect conversation starters, instant pick me-uppers, and makes wearing lipstick so much more exciting. For our first entry, say hello to the girly pinks that are showing us that there is so much more to them than their saccharine sweetness. Scroll down to see our catchy favorites worth bragging about. 

Every lady's first lipstick has got to be some shade of pink. First Kiss, P499, Happy Skin

As sweet as candy, indeed. Candy Yum-Yum, MAC

Now that's a shade of pink with an attitude. I Don't Pink So matte lipstick, BYS

High shine as high as your heels. Revlon colorstay ultimate suede in high heels.

Pink can be groovy, too! That '70s Pink black label lipstick, NYX

Feel as pretty as a ballerina. Hot tutu, Bobbi Brown

For days when you just want to  have fun with the boys. Heartbreaker gel lip colour, Laura Mercier

Add an extra pop to that wacky shot with this tint.  NARS Cosmetics in Funny Face.

For a date night under the stars. Twinkle Pink, Avon.

Dance the night away wearing this tint. Gentlemen Prefer Pink, Revlon

When you want to feel as fab as Blair Waldorf. Flat out fabulous, MAC.

'Cause when I'm with him I'm...Pinking Of You, Benefit Cosmetics

Did we miss out on anything? Reply in the comment box below or tweet us @stylebibleph the name and brand and we’ll add them here for you.