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This Clothing Brand Branched Out Into The Delivery Meal Game

Find out why.
This Clothing Brand Branched Out Into The Delivery Meal Game Find out why.

Why must Monday come in to ruin what the weekend and I had together? I kid. But here’s how we’re hustling through this day: Food—specifically, Healthy Mondays.

It’s a home delivery meal service introduced by retail brand Harlan + Holden when it launched its B.C. Collection. I know what you're thinking: A diet prgram so you'd fit in their clothes. Silly! The focus was on health as one of the basics in life and this perfectly complemented the fashion label’s aesthetics of staples, clean lines and streamlined silhouettes—clothes that are easy to put on, allowing you to spend less time choosing what to wear. In the same manner, Healthy Mondays gives you one less thing to worry about so you can focus on those extra minutes on other things like doing crunches or curling your hair.

Healthy Mondays by Harlan and Holden


Most every meal package comes with home-made granola, a fruit cup, cold-pressed green juice (not pictured) and a healthy lunch.

Healthy Mondays has a pool of nutritionists and certified chefs that develop nutritious and delicious meals based on the client’s fitness goals. The program is offered for six months (or 24 Mondays) as Harlan + Holden wanted it to be realistic and encourage its clients that little steps could make a difference.

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Sample meal: Salmon with malunggay brown rice.

Why Monday? Well, it HAD TO be Monday. Monday is the day we think and plan for the full week ahead and more often than not, a healthy meal is the last thing on our minds. Besides, the weekend is known to be a notorious time of overindulgence; don't you always feel the need to reboot on a Monday?

I jumped in on it and after six Mondays of indulging  in it, it gave me reason to look forward to the most despised day of the week. And the best part? It's habit-forming. From Hate Mondays to Healthy Mondays, we say.

For inquiries, e-mail and write Healthy Mondays on the subject line.

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