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Fresh Fruit

So crisp and clean, fall's fragrance round-up is surprisingly green.
Fresh Fruit So crisp and clean, fall's fragrance round-up is surprisingly green.

The latter part of the year connotes extremes: whether in color, shape or scent, Fall/Winter is either warm and robust or stark and cool—without any sitting-pretty, pastel shade in sight. Perhaps that is why the onset of all the simple, chic fragrances in the autumn lineups—steadily wafting around and enveloping everything in its wake with a sense of unmistakable cool—took us by surprise.

The lack of such staples like exotic and spicy notes of yore, now replaced with white scents with maybe just a hint of fruit tones to heat things up a notch, was, astonishingly, a welcome change, extremely refreshing to our otherwise olfactory-fatigued noses. Fresh, green and almost transparently watery for the end of '09? Leave it to the best designers to know what we love before we know it ourselves!

We're happy campers–lucky enough to have been spoiled with the best fragrances in the market, we edited down to a shortlist of the most noteworthy to simplify the process for our readers. Not only that: we categorized them further into what we deemed to be the most fabulous fashion personalities for this season, to make the choice even easier. Every gal, from the neo-bohemian to the androgynous rock-n-roller, will find a scent that resonates, even for just a season. After all, gone are the days of just one signature scent, and now is the time to think out of your usual fragrance family box.

Breathe deeply; the light, delicious flavor in the air promises you won't regret it.

Click on for our report on the best fall fragrances.

—Eunice Lucero, Beauty Editor

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