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All the Skincare Tips That Francine Diaz Swears by for Glowing Skin

All the Skincare Tips That Francine Diaz Swears by for Glowing Skin
IMAGE Youtube/Francine Diaz
A beach trip mishap taught her a very important one.

She may only be 18, but Francine Diaz already knows her skincare. Her routine has all the basic steps that a teen needs, so if you're still a beginner, you can definitely glean tips from her. You don't need to be too extra with products at this age anyway! Ready for a quick crash course? Scroll ahead!

Here are five essential skincare tips you can learn from Francine Diaz:

1. Always wash your hands before doing your skincare.

This should already be an unspoken rule, but a little reminder never hurts. Washing your hands before doing your skincare gets rid of any nasties that could go on your face and cause breakouts. It's a habit you should pick up regardless as well, because we are still in the middle of a pandemic. You never know what's on there!

To make hand-washing less of a chore, use a fresh-smelling hand wash like Francine (hers is the Eau de Citron Noir from Hermès) that won't just clean your hands, but also make your regimen feel more luxurious!

PHOTO BY Instagram/Francine Diaz

2. Double-cleanse for a clean slate.

The thing about impurities on our skin is they can be very stubborn. All that makeup, oil, and dirt could still be there even if you technically can't see them, and that's where double-cleansing comes in handy. For Francine, she uses a foaming facial wash first, then deep cleans her face with toner on a cotton ball. You can also do this with a cleansing oil or micellar water plus a facial wash of your choice!

PHOTO BY Youtube/Francine Diaz
PHOTO BY Youtube/Francine Diaz
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3. Don't forget to wear SPF on your face and body.

According to Francine, she learned her lesson on sun protection from her recent beach trip. She said she only applied sunscreen on her face and neck, exposing the rest of her body to sunburn. Next time, she said she's definitely slathering on that SPF all over!

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4. Protect and exfoliate your lips.

Speaking of sun protection, Francine shared that she also didn't know you had to put SPF on your lips. Not doing so made her pout chappy and dry after her trip, so she'll definitely pack a lip balm with SPF next time. And to keep her lips silky smooth, she rubs dead skin off with a cotton ball then finishes off with a balm.

PHOTO BY Youtube/Francine Diaz

5. Moisturize and don't forget your eye area!

Francine knows that moisturizing is a must to cop that "glass skin" look. In the video, she used the Super Potent Rich Cream and Eye Serum from Dior, which were gifts from her 18th birthday. How luxurious!

PHOTO BY Youtube/Francine Diaz
PHOTO BY Youtube/Francine Diaz

Bonus Tip: End your skincare routine with your favorite fragrance.

For Francine, the last step of your night time routine should be spritzing on some perfume. If you're using a body mist like the actress, don't be afraid to be extra generous with it! The scent will definitely lull you to sleep.

PHOTO BY Youtube/Francine Diaz

Want more tips? Watch Francine's skincare vlog below!

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