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7 Fragrance Mistakes Men Make and How to Avoid Them

From how to spritz to where to spritz.
7 Fragrance Mistakes Men Make and How to Avoid Them
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From how to spritz to where to spritz.

First impressions aren't just based on the first words you utter. Sometimes, it depends on the shoes you wear, how you shake hands, and even the scent you use. In fact, a good scent has been said to make you a lot more memorable and approachable.

Finding a signature scent is just half the battle, however. Knowing how to use one to your advantage is another thing. Here, we crack down on some common mistakes men make with fragrances with suggestions on how to swerve them.

1. Settling for a free fragrance or a scent gift.

Fragrances come as an afterthought to most men. Not in the way they're applied, but in the fact that some just use whatever's given to them. The truth is there's a bit of chemistry that comes with finding the right scent. And, you shouldn't leave the deciding all to your significant other.


2. Not moisturizing before spritzing.

There's a reason why we're told to spray fragrances right after getting out of the shower. It's because moisture gives the scent something to cling to. This, in turn, makes the scent last longer. If you really want to prolong up the fragrance's sillage, you should moisturize with some lotion before spraying. This way you smell good longer, and you can save on respraying throughout the day.

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3. Not knowing where to spray.


Aside from moisture, scents are powered by body heat. So, as a rule of thumb, you should spray on your wrists, behind your ears, and your chest. Sure, spritzing on your clothes might make the scent more pronounced but there's a possibility it can ruin the fabric. So, it's best to keep it to your body, with the exception of your privates.

4. Spraying in the air.

Spraying in the air doesn't actually do anything contrary to popular belief. All it does is fill the room up with the scent, and I guess, hit your hair. If that was your goal, maybe consider buying hair perfume instead. Or, you know, buying the same body wash, lotion, and hair perfume scent as your signature fragrance.


5. Using different techniques to distribute the scent.

It seems like common sense to rub your wrists together after you spray on some perfume. But, all that really does is bruise the perfume which means you won't get the different notes' full potential throughout the day. The best practice is to just let the fragrance settle and do its job.


6. 'The more, the better' doesn't ring true for fragrances.

We've all been there: getting your first bottle and spraying it in every spot possible. Sad to say, for some men, it's a practice that's stuck. You probably don't know it, but your perfume may be overpowering. You may have become accustomed to the scent that sometimes it feels like it's not there, but trust us, it's there.


7. Not storing a bottle properly.

Fragrances are pretty delicate. We wouldn't leave it in direct sunlight or anywhere warm at all. You may be tempted to showcase your collection, but it's better to keep them hidden away in a dark drawer. Some people even take it further and store their fragrances in refrigerators.


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