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Forever Young

Ruffa Gutierrez raves about a miracle cream that erases wrinkles in just one week.
Forever Young Ruffa Gutierrez raves about a miracle cream that erases wrinkles in just one week.

We're no strangers to the word 'breakthrough;' it's used in most product launches and we've learned to take things with a grain of salt. We needed little convincing though when presented with Avon Cosmetics' latest offering, ANEW Clinical Pro Line Corrector.


Dubbed as a miracle cream and wrinkle eraser, women in the United Kingdom have gone crazy about getting their hands on ANEW Clinical Pro Line Corrector. After having to try out samples of the product, 60,000 women are currently on the waiting list, pretty convincing proof of the cream's time-reversing powers.



The magic comes from their patented ingredient Amino Fill-33 (or A-F33),  which turns off collagen blocking to boost collagen production in just two days. Avon’s Global Research and Development Group Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Xiaochun Luo emphasizes that women can achieve dramatic results without going through plastic surgery with just using the product, which, in seven days, fades the appearance of fine lines and deep wrinkles and in two weeks, offers 100% improvement in fine lines. (In 11 weeks, there was a reported 50% overall improvement in deep wrinkles). 

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Avon’s ambassadress, Ruffa Guttierez, was all raves, calling the wonder product "a facelift in a jar" and sharing that her skin now looks more youthful than ever. Hard pressed to believe? See for yourself with a free 28-day sample kit when you log on to (only for the first 2,500 customers!), or be first in line as it hits stores on March 1.

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