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Flores De Mayo

Beauty blooms this month of May.
Flores De Mayo Beauty blooms this month of May.

Lots of summer celebrations capitalize on the farm-friendly weather of May, and we see manifestations of this pretty, feminine month everywhere, from floral festivals to religious parades where participants are festooned with garlands upon garlands. And of course, there's Mother's Day, the one other day in the year next to Valentine's where the price and demand for flowers skyrocket.

We won't lie: all these cheerful, romantic blooms have given us spring fever and helped us choose the loveliest bouquet of floral-inspired beauty products for this week's editors' list. Although all the pretty frills and delicate pink and pastel made quite the convincing case, it was mostly the perennial appeal of these beautiful florals, especially when their inherent sweet fragrances and soothing properties are harnessed, that quickly sealed the deal. From calming face mists to a truly tactile blush, flowers really do say it best.

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—Eunice Lucero, Beauty Editor