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Here's Proof There's a Floral Scent for Every Style Personality

A romantic streak is unnecessary.
Here's Proof There's a Floral Scent for Every Style Personality

The sun is fierce, and the rising temps are killer. Since you’ve refreshed your wardrobe for the season, consider updating your fragrance choices too. Go for light floral scents that complement your OOTD and the warmer weather (sugary or musky scents may be too cloying in the heat).

Floral scents have a reputation for being soft and feminine, but they can be clean and fresh, even intense and exotic as well. It depends on the notes they’re combined with. In light of the brighter, warmer season, Jo Malone London has come up with a new Brilliant Blossoms collection that fully embraces petal power but in a more exciting and contemporary way. Whether your style is classic, bohemian, edgy, or sporty, Jo Malone London’s Blossoms collection has a signature scent to suit.

Sun-Worshipping Beach Babe

Add another tropical element to sheer kaftans over bikini tops and cut-off shorts or bold cotton playsuits with the Frangipani Flower Cologne. This sweet, creamy, and buoyantly fresh scent is reminiscent of lemon sodas by the sea or piña coladas come sunset. It whisks you off to your favorite beachside locale with a single spritz, even if you’re in the city.

Photo by Jo Malone London.

For extra hints of exotica, combine the Frangipani Flower Cologne with the Wild Bluebell Cologne or Honeysuckle and Davana Cologne, both of which have notes of frangipani.

Carefree Modern Hippie

If flowy, floor-sweeping dresses, rope sandals, and tassels are your go-to pieces, then finish off your look by spraying on the Orange Blossom Cologne. This joyous, energetic scent, infused with clementine flower and water lily, is all about positive vibes. It’s perfect for letting your vibrant spirit—and style—shine.

Photo by Jo Malone London.

Layer the scent with the fruity Blackberry and Bay Cologne when you need a stronger pick-me-up, or with the Oud and Bergamot Cologne for nights you want to be more alluring.

Crisp, Classic Dresser

Clean, fresh, elegant—if that’s how you like your style and scent, then the delicate notes of the Star Magnolia Cologne are the perfect foil to those minimalist white dresses or pastel pantsuits you love to wear. This scent is more complex than you think, bursting with tantalizing hints of lemon, ginger, and shiso (a kind of mint). It’s more of a match to your sparkling wit and personality under that cool-as-ice demeanor.

Photo by Jo Malone London.

Let your hair down—literally—over the weekend and spritz on the Orange Blossom Hair Mist, or pile on more freshness by combining your Star Magnolia staple with the Lime Basil and Mandarin Cologne.

Edgy Urbanite

A black lightweight blazer over a sexy silk cami, plus bold burgundy nails, sunnies, and strong brows—subtlety is not your style. If mixing classic staples with edgy accents is second nature to you, choose a unique and slightly spicy scent. It announces your presence. Try the Silk Blossom Cologne. With notes of apricot, heliotrope, and moss, this fragrance will lightly veil you in a scent that communicates confidence.

Photo by Jo Malone London.

If you want to temper the spice down a bit, combine it with the English Pear and Freesia Cologne (for lazy summer holidays in the countryside), or Tuberose Angelica Cologne (for languid beach nights spent with a lychee martini in hand).

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