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Flawless Laser Hair Removal

Part 2: Laser Hair Removal
Flawless Laser Hair Removal Part 2: Laser Hair Removal

Being a girl calls for hard work especially when you're about to go on a beach trip. Aside from undergoing calorie-busting workouts and salt-free diets, we actually set aside a special day for hair removal. Unsightly hair is clearly a faux pas whether you're on land or at sea, and options abound: You can choose to shave, tweeze, or wax (ouch!). For me, I love the liberating feeling I get each time I go home from a waxing session. I wanted to be liberated for a longer period, so I decided to schedule a laser hair removal appointment at Flawless.

Before anything else, the staff made sure that a duly-licensed medical doctor handled the procedure. Lasers used for hair removal are not like point-and-shoot cameras; one must be trained properly to prevent disasters. Dr. Ivy explained that you need more than six sessions to see results, and that hair growth comes in cycles and a single blast of laser won't produce instant results. Clients are asked to come back every after 3 weeks.


The type of laser that they use is Light Sheer, the best in the market (it's considered the gold standard in laser removal). The laser targets the melanin of the hair follicle and not the roots, so you have to keep in mind that you should come to the clinic with hair (the laser needs to 'see' your hair to detect its melanin... kinda uncomfy, but necessary).

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The assigned doctor, Dr. Ivy, was accompanied by an aesthetician, who shaved my underarms and asked if I was using any whitening products (which apparently, you must refrain from slathering on, as they affect the results).

As we proceeded to the treatment, a clear jelly was applied on both areas that reminded me of ultrasound gel. Dr. Ivy said that she would put the laser on minimum strength since it was my first time. The laser can be painful to some, but after thinking that I could handle this (and since I really wanted to be hair-free for life), I gave it a go. It felt like the laser was lightly flicking me but it was VERY bearable. The procedure lasted for about two minutes on both underarms; very quick and manageable, even if your pain threshold is low.


For ladies who want a permanent, safe, and cost-efficient method (imagine the pesos you save from waxing salons), laser hair removal is one of the best summer-procedure inventions yet.

Flawless Laser Hair Removal, P3500 (underarms),  5F SM Megamall Building B, tel. nos. 687-9117/98,

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