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Beauty Lab: Flawless

Editor trial part 1: Shape & Sculpt
Beauty Lab: Flawless Editor trial part 1: Shape & Sculpt

“My arms, I guess?” I ventured, when the people at beauty clinic Flawless asked which body part I needed help with; they consequently balked after I said so. “No—your arms are okay,” they disagreed, and upon closer inspection, “Your balakang.” (Ed’s note: Turns out my hips do not lie.) 10 minutes later I was lying on my side in a treatment room (pants down!), with their resident aesthetician poised to perform their famous Shape & Sculpt procedure on my hip-and-thigh area.

After signing off on the usual forms and waivers, I started with my treatment. Their machine makes use of 3-in-1 slimming technologies: Cavitation Ultrasound, Bi-Polar Radio Frequency, and Interference Frequency, which essentially melt fat and target those lumpy areas, contouring them into your ideal figure, which your body then rids off via lymphatic drainage.

They asked me if I was particularly sensitive to pain (“Nope, very high tolerance!”), since there’s always a bit of discomfort with all radio frequency (RF) procedures. The feeling was of a mild-to-moderate suction with a bit of heat, applied section by section.  The aesthetician “ironed” the entire area, and after around half an hour—of which at this point, I was actually lulled to sleep by the somewhat relaxing “massage”—the temperature of my hip-and-thigh area was taken; the aesthetician stops once 40 degrees is hit, as it is the optimum temperature for the fat-melting to carry on throughout the following days.

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The whole treatment took around 30 minutes, and I was told that I couldn’t shower that evening since I was still in the process of “melting”—true enough, the entire area was warm to the touch until nighttime, wherein fat was eliminated. Even immediately after the procedure the area both looked and felt tauter and more contoured, shaving inches off the area. For P5000 per session, it’s a great summer-body deal.

If you’re really into showing off that bikini bod however, you can check out their Pre-Summer Package, where you get a Shape & Sculpt treatment free with a Mesolipo purchase for harder, faster results.

Flawless Shape & Sculpt, P5000 (depending on area), 5F SM Megamall Building B, tel. nos. 687-9117/98,

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