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Makeup Gurus Share Five Tips for Perfect Eyebrows

Here's how to get the best eyebrows of your life!
Makeup Gurus Share Five Tips for Perfect Eyebrows Here's how to get the best eyebrows of your life!

Brows are always a fave topic for us girls. You can choose to head outside and forget your house keys but you’ll never EVER leave home without drawing on your arches. Just yesterday a friend of mine kept insisting that she needed enough time to remove all of her makeup before our spinning class. But as she hopped on her bike, I noticed how she took everything off but her brows. With time and a lot of practice, our skills have improved when it comes to perfecting that beautifully drawn arch. However, there’s always room for improvement. We asked five different makeup artists for their tried and tested tips on how to get a perfect set of brows that every girl dreams of having. Here’s what they had to say:


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“I usually use a brow marker to draw hair like strands on the eyebrows to fill the sparse area, and then take an eyebrow crayon to define the edges. Then I use almost empty mascara in an upward direction to define the hair strands for a full and defined but natural effect.” – Anton Patdu



“I love the look of brushed up, feathered brows. It looks fresh and modern especially in a sea of solid, penciled-in, "Instagram" arches. I use a clear brow primer pencil that trains stubborn brow hairs to lay flat once applied and brushed in place. It also locks in brow powder so the color resists fading.” – Jigs Mayuga

“A common mistake of women who do their own eyebrows is plucking too much. I suggest you always take time to pause and check in the mirror so you can see the whole shape of the eyebrows. Also, for women with thick eyebrows, instead of plucking too much, it’s better to trim the brows first. Sometimes people feel that it still looks thick even though they removed a lot of it. Also, when putting on products, always deposit product along the hair area, never above the outermost part, and just blend. Always use products in brown hues, never grey.” – Mayesa Delos Santos

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“Doodle the brows of your dreams! This way, your hands will get used to it and will discover the strokes you need when you do your brows. Do this every day, even when you're just at home. It's really about practice and more practice!” – Owen Sarmiento

“One quick tip is to always choose the right color for your brows. No matter what product you are using, whether it’s a powder, pencil, or gel. If you have colored hair, inspect the roots and go for the closest shade to that.” – Tamara Pineda


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