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5 Things That Are Causing Your Acne

Your dad's bad breakout in college has everything to do with yours.
5 Things That Are Causing Your Acne
Your dad's bad breakout in college has everything to do with yours.

Not all breakouts are the same. There are cysts, whiteheads, blackheads, and probably more that we're not aware of. What's even more complicated, however, is what causes them. What triggers one person's acne can definitely differ from another, especially if it's more of an internal complication. Hence, we decided to break down the most basic causes of acne so you can finally find the culprit of your skin woes and overcome it accordingly.

1. Genetics

Is acne hereditary? Very. If your mom or dad had acne as a teenager, one of them probably passed that pimple-prone gene to you, which might explain your breakouts right now. This "acne gene" is the part of your genetic makeup that determines how your skin reacts to bacteria trying to penetrate it, and in many cases, that response is inflammation or acne.

Unfortunately, there's not much of a way out of this acne trigger, but if you take careful note of the other causes in this list, then your acne gene might not attack you as much as it could.


2. Hormones

Breakouts form easier whenever you're stressed or entertaining your monthly visitor because your hormones are all over the place. This hormone fluctuation leads to increased oil and sebum production that becomes—you guessed it—acne. You can combat this by fixing your sleeping schedule and eating a lot of healthy fats like those in avocados and nuts.

3. Product allergies

You should definitely double-check the ingredients list of your skincare and makeup because the reasons you're using them for might be causing the actual problem. As much as possible, stay away from pore-clogging ingredients like coconut oil and fatty alcohols (Cetyl Alcohol, Catearyl Alcohol, etc.) and make sure to patch test a product before you permanently add it to your routine.

4. Hygiene

Your cleansing routine is one of the most crucial things for keeping your skin in good shape. Your serums, moisturizers, and oils have no chance at improving your skin condition if your skin still has all the dirt, makeup, and oil you've accumulated throughout the day. Double cleansing, among other things, might be your skin savior.

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Here are more sneaky acne causes that have everything to do with hygiene.

5. Diet

Sorry, ice cream lovers. Eating a lot of dairy products is actually terrible for your skin, especially if you have an existing acne gene. The calf growth hormones in dairy products like milk, cheese, and butter promote inflammation and oil production, making your skin a breeding ground for breakouts. Kylie Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian, and Victoria Beckham are only some of the celebs who decided to ditch dairy and have reported better skin and a slimmer figure. And if they can do it, why can't you?

What's your acne trigger?

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