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Our Celebrity Fitspiration: Solenn Heussaff

Score some fitness advice from our ultimate fitspiration.
Our Celebrity Fitspiration: Solenn Heussaff Score some fitness advice from our ultimate fitspiration.

If we haven't said it enough, we'll say it again. When it comes to fitspirations, Solenn Heussaff's name is definitely on the top of our list. That's why when we spotted her during the Vitress event a few weeks back, we couldn't keep ourselves from asking her for some fitness advice. That said, you might want to take a pen and paper out and jot these down, because she not only gave us one but five tips to help you keep your eyes on the prize.

Read on and find out how Solenn stays on top of her game.

Fitness Advice #1: The most effective work out is a sport that you enjoy doing.


Working out doesn't have to be such a pain. According to Solenn, all you need to do is to find a sport you like. Come to think of it, wouldn't things be a lot easier when you enjoy what you're doing?

Fitness Advice #2: Invite your friends to work out with you.

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Apart from finding a sport you like, ask yourself as well who you'd want to do it with. Especially if you've been out all night sipping on cocktails, might as well burn those calories together, too, right?

Fitness Advice #3: Set a goal.

It's important to know what you want to achieve, not just to motivate you but also to help you work on a routine that's attainable and feasible based on your own capacity. Start on whatever you can and work your way up as your stamina and endurance improve.


Fitness Advice #4: Eat healthy.

Don't confuse a healthy diet with not eating anything at all.You could even give in to your guilty pleasures every once in a while, but the important thing is to have the discipline to keep everything balanced.

Fitness Advice #5: Keep going.


If you think you're the only one having a hard time, no, you're not. If it's any consolation, even Solenn herself admits to feeling that way sometimes. So, her advice? Don't give up. Force yourself if you must, because the only way you can see results is if you work hard for it. And we bet your size six ass you're not going to get that from sitting on the couch all day.

Photos from @solennheussaff and @isabelledaza on Instagram

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