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Fit For A Queen

Walk down the aisle with your best body ever.
Fit For A Queen Walk down the aisle with your best body ever.

You've got your dream dress, venue, and everything else, down to the cute little flowers on the invitations, just right—why not shower your health and body the same attention you do your wedding plans? If it's too late to get a gym membership or if your schedule doesn't permit any more after-hours classes, an at-home session may just be exactly what you need. It's also a nice pre-wedding bonding ritual for you and the fiancé, one you can do without the added stress of the outside world.

Yoga and Pilates, in particular, are two of the most ideal workouts for getting your body into shape before the wedding. Since they focus on improving posture, form and tone, the overall effect is a sleek, graceful body, with perfect stance and tighter core (or torso area)—not to mention the exercises' calming, de-stressing properties, critical especially during the hectic planning days prior.

Click on for a beginner's overview on must-knows on the exercises, and get a sneak peek of some cute workout gear guaranteed to motivate you into getting in the best shape possible before the wedding!

—Eunice Lucero, Beauty Editor