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5 Filipina Celebrities Who Got Candid About Getting Liposuction

For one actress, it was the best alternative to unhealthy crash diets.
5 Filipina Celebrities Who Got Candid About Getting Liposuction
IMAGE (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/superjanella, Instagram/reallysharoncuneta
For one actress, it was the best alternative to unhealthy crash diets.

Every body is built differently. Some can easily get into shape, while others could struggle to reach their fitness goals. For the latter, liposuction can become an option for more efficient sculpting. The suction technique it uses can remove excess fat on the abdomen, neck, arms, thighs, and buttocks easily. It's no wonder why many choose to undergo this procedure, especially celebrities who often need to get into shape in a short amount of time.

Below, we listed five stars who openly shared their body transformation journey through liposuction. Their stories prove that the procedure can do wonders, should you choose to get it!

5 Celebrities Who Talked Openly About Getting Liposuction

1. Janella Salvador

Just a few months after giving birth to her adorable baby boy, first-time mom Janella flaunted her fit body in a one-piece suit. She revealed that aside from her regular workouts and constant meal plans, liposuction was the biggest factor that contributed to her weight loss. She opted for this because she knew crash diets won't be healthy, especially now that she needs to take care of her more than ever for her son. After consulting with Dr. Vicki Belo, she was convinced to give lipo a go!


In this Instagram post, she said, "I can’t thank [Dr. Belo] and [Hayden Kho] enough for helping me jumpstart my journey back to sexy and for giving me back my confidence. I am finally starting to see the woman I want to see in the mirror once again. I also want to give myself a pat on the back for taking initiative to exercise as well.”

She later added, "To all the mamas out there, enjoy every part of your journey and don’t pressure yourself. At the end of the day, what matters most is the health and happiness of your baby. But don’t forget to take steps towards your own happiness." How inspiring, Janella!

PHOTO BY Instagram/superjanella
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2. Jinkee Pacquiao

Jinkee has always been open about her cosmetic procedures, and she’s been frank about how she views her body after giving birth. In an interview with Belo, she said, "I decided to get liposuction because I have a problem with excess fat. I feel ugly. I can’t wear tight clothes. I always wear big t-shirts to cover my big arms. I’m fat and I just want to be sexy."

It was after her third child when she first decided to get rid of unwanted fat, and she went all out by getting a full-body liposuction. She said, “Doing the Belo Liposuction really changed me because now, I’m more confident about myself. When I look in the mirror, I see a happy woman and that makes me feel beautiful inside and out.

"You see, what people don’t understand is that procedures like these are not always about vanity—more than looking good, it’s the feeling good and being healthy that matters. When you feel healthy and beautiful, everything around you feels beautiful as well. It’s really life-changing." That said, even if she has the means to get lipo whenever she wants, Jinkee also regularly exercises and eats healthy to assure to stay in shape.

PHOTO BY Instagram/jinkeepacquiao

3. Sharon Cuneta

Among the people in this list, Sharon is the only one who was not so satisfied with the results of liposuction. In an interview dated in 2015, Sharon revealed, “Nakapagpa-lipo na ako years ago and hindi ka naman maglo-lose ng weight sa lipo lang.” She added, “The amount of weight that I have to lose, which the majority I already lost, hindi makukuha sa surgery. Ask anybody who has had lipo, 'di ba, it doesn't work that way.”


Sharon knew she could not resort to just liposuction as a total weight loss remedy. The actress explained, “[The lost weight] doesn't only come back, pero hindi mo malo-lose 'yung ganito kalaking weight sa lipo lang or any other form of surgery.” Sharon also dealt with emotional eating in the past which caused her to gain weight, but since 2016, she has been consistent with her diet. She worked even harder for her TV comeback in Ang Probinsyano in 2021, getting extra help from The Aivee Clinic. In an Instagram post by Dr. Aivee Teo, the derm announced that Sharon became a size medium from XXL thanks to her fitness program. Wow!

PHOTO BY Instagram/@reallysharoncuneta
PHOTO BY Instagram/draivee

4. Beauty Gonzalez

In a 2015 interview, Beauty revealed that she wanted a slimmer figure after becoming a mom. She exercised consistently, doing rope workouts and boxing, which led her to achieve a slim figure. "I've been fat for almost all my life and then I got pregnant. For me to have this body right now, I worked my best talaga,” the actress said. When asked about how she felt when she was tagged as “fat'' when she was younger she replied, "Wala akong magawa 'cause it's true naman, e."


But even after slimming down, Beauty could not get rid of the stubborn fat she had on her arms, back, chin, and jaw. This made her turn to liposuction, and the results definitely enhanced her transformation!

PHOTO BY Instagram/beauty_gonzalez

5. Morissette Amon

Everyone has one part of their body they're a bit insecure about, and for singer Morisette Amon, it was her arms. "For the longest time, I tried doing lots of exercises, kaso feeling ko ang tagal na, tapos walang progress,” she said. Since the idea of surgery can be daunting, she was very hesitant about undergoing arm liposuction, but after meeting Dr. Vicki Belo, she stopped hesitating. She accompanied her arm liposuction with BodyTite, which is a radio frequency procedure to tighten loose skin. Together, it gave Morissette the toned arms she always wanted.


Morissette loves to hit the gym, and it helps her maintain the results. If you are feeling lazy to work out, she recommends getting a personal trainer to motivate you in exerting more effort in the gym!

PHOTO BY Instagram/itsmorissette

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