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6 Filipinas Open Up About Getting Dermal Fillers

6 Filipinas Open Up About Getting Dermal Fillers
IMAGE [LEFT TO RIGHT] Instagram/frankieprimavera, courtesy of Caroline Sodusta
It's an easy option for a quick but subtle makeover.

If you've been thinking about getting fillers, then this might be your serendipitous nudge to go try it out. As we know, fillers have a lot of perks that you can easily enjoy without the downtime you'd normally experience when going under the knife.

Aside from smoothening out visible wrinkles, dermal fillers can plump your lips, add volume to sunken areas like undereyes or temples, and it can even help in improving symmetry among facial features. What's more, they're not super permanent. Fillers are made of hyaluronic acid and collagen that can safely dissolve overtime.

Hence, it's no surprise why celebs and ordinary people like you and I have relied on it for quick fixes and subtle makeovers that make a difference. Below, six Filipinas have openly shared their experience with the procedure. Read their stories below!

LOOK: 6 Filipinas Open Up About Getting Dermal Fillers

1. Frankie Primavera: Chin, Nose, and Lip Fillers

"I got chin fillers a few years back and ended up really liking the outcome of it. Then when the pandemic hit, I realized “sayang” cause hindi ko siya na-rampa. Now that everything’s almost back to normal and I’m out and about attending events, meetings and traveling once again , I might as well look good doing all that. Plus, what I like about fillers is that it’s not too much of a big change, they’re subtle enhancements of features you already have. I didn’t realize I wanted it done until I actually saw the difference right after my procedure. I wanted to try it lang talaga since I’ve been very familiar with it + our generation is so open to sharing their filler experiences online as well” - Frankie Primavera

PHOTO BY Instagram/frankieprimavera

2. Kimberly Gow: Chin Fillers

“I wanted to get fillers for some time now but on the lips. A lot of people won’t say it but it was Kylie that really shed light on fillers like these. Her before and after pics are crazy but it wasn’t until I saw something more natural like Kendall’s lips that made me decide that I wanted mine done. When I had my consultation at Ethereal Aesthetics Clinic in the south, I told the doctor about getting lip fillers but she suggested that I consider getting chin fillers first to balance out my face before getting the lip fillers. So, that’s what I did! Now, I can’t wait to get my lip fillers because I am so happy with how the subtle change to my chin already made a big difference” - Kimberly Gow

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PHOTO BY instagram/ethereal.aestheticclinic

3. Caroline Sodusta: Chin, cheek, lip, and nose fillers

“I went into the doc's office wanting botox to alleviate my TMJ pain, but I walked out with 4 syringes of facial fillers. Along with botox in my masseter; I got nose filler, alar botox, chin filler, cheek filler, and lip filler. I always knew I wanted to try beauty enhancements, and since I’m currently in a beauty pageant, I thought why not? They say that you get a nose job and a chin implant and all of a sudden you’re a supermodel. It’s like a package deal. I received these procedures with facial harmony in mind, and I believe a doctor with a good aesthetic eye is the key. Now, I walk around with less jaw pain and more facial harmony. I couldn’t be happier! - Caroline Sodusta

PHOTO BY courtesy of Caroline Sodusta

4. Kiana Laurora: Lip fillers & V contour

“I got my lip fillers last April at the Body Clinic and a V-Contour at Mold Manila last July and they're defintely one of the best decisions I've ever made. I’ve been eyeing on having them done for the longest time since I feel that it would enhance my features and boost my confidence. Tbh, I had my fair share of self-doubt and insecurities especially during the beginning of the year and I felt that maybe it’s time for that to change and raise my self-esteem! Both are actually non-invasive and can last for months (similar to lash extensions hehe) which works great. I can’t wait to go back again! Cheers to indulging in self-love and self-care.” - Kiana Laurora

PHOTO BY Instagram/klaurora

5. Pauline Arcilla: Chin and lip fillers

“I had fillers done because I always believed that we are our own biggest critic and we know ourselves best. So when I decided to be unbothered by what other people may say about me. I just did what I think will make me happy and make me feel beautiful and free.” - Pauline Arcilla

PHOTO BY courtesy of Pauline Arcilla

6. Elle Alconel: Nose fillers

“I got my nose enhanced with fillers because I really don’t want to go under the knife and get a rhinoplasty. Getting fillers is a good alternative for those who don't want invasive procedures done like me.” - Elle Alconel

PHOTO BY instagram/ellealconel

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