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12 Festive Yet Minimalist Manicure Ideas You Can Wear for the Holidays

Which design are you eyeing?
12 Festive Yet Minimalist Manicure Ideas You Can Wear for the Holidays
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Which design are you eyeing?

Manicures may not have been in our priority to-do list this year, but getting one this season could help bring back our holiday cheer. We all want to end the year with a little positivity, don’t we? So whether you'll be attending small gatherings or just staying at home to celebrate this holiday season, reward yourself with a festive yet minimalist digits. Here are some cool nail art ideas you can cop:

Holiday Manicure Ideas

1. Modern Red

The unconventional placement of reds here is so refreshing to the eyes.

2. Bubble Pop

The sparkling gold and silver "bubbles" will pair well with your holiday drink of choice.

3. Rubied Tips

Spice up your French tips by opting for a thick ruby red color.

4. Two-Toned French

Adding a mellow blue to those red tips can create a dainty yet festive look.

5. Let It Snow

This glitter manicure gives a cool snow globe effect on your fingertips.


6. A Dash of Christmas

This tree-inspired zigzag may just be the easiest festive nail art ever.

7. Lime Time

Bring some freshness and vibrancy by painting your digits lime green.

8. Ain't Purple-xing

An easy way to incorporate this stunning advent color.

9. Half-Naked

The half painted deep emerald green enhances the color in such a cool way!

10. Go Gold

Add a simple gold décor to your green polish for an elegant finish.

11. Party Trio

This design gives a trio of colors a stylish and party-appropriate feel.

12. Let's Polka

A great pick for New Year's Eve! Just swipe red on everything and then polka your way down your middle and index fingers.

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