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This Brow Trend Started As a Joke, but It's Now Taking Over Instagram

Just when you think you've seen it all.
This Brow Trend Started As a Joke, but It's Now Taking Over Instagram
Just when you think you've seen it all.

Odd beauty trends blow up on Instagram every day, and by now, we think we've seen it all. That is, until a new one comes up and proves us wrong.

Just a week ago, Finnish makeup artist Stella Sironen posted this photo of her "feather brows" on Instagram. She joked that she's starting a new eyebrow trend, even dropping commonly-used phrases by influencers.

And by the sheer irony of it all, her feathered brows did go viral. The brow-loving community couldn't take it well at first, but Stella reiterated that it was all just for laughs.

In fact, other beauty bloggers have started posting their own take on the "trend"!

Someone even made a full tutorial on it:

Basically, the look involves parting your brow hairs in the middle and brushing them in opposite directions. The soft arch of your brows should eventually make it look like a feather. Fun fact: Stella used glue stick to achieve her original look, which sounds crazy now, but it's actually a popular drag queen hack!


And as odd as this trend may seem, it actually reminds us a lot of the brushed-up brow trend! According to makeup artist Sylvina Lopez, it's a great way to add some edge to your look. You don't need even glue stick to achieve it! Instead, Sylvina recommends using the soap brows method.

"To make sure [brushed-up brows] stay in place, I like to use a lather of glycerin soap mixed with water or hair spray on a spoolie," she shares. "Then I add small hair strokes in sparse areas with a brow pen or brow pomade to make sure [the brows are] even."



Don't like soap? You can use regular clear brow gel instead. Have fun trying it at home!