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7 Best Acne and Anti-Aging Facial Treatments for Smooth, Glowing Skin

When just regular skincare isn't cutting it.
7 Best Acne and Anti-Aging Facial Treatments for Smooth, Glowing Skin
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When just regular skincare isn't cutting it.

For skin concerns like wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and scarring, then you’ll understand that they can be quite difficult to target using our everyday skincare products. If you need a bit of help in improving the state of your facial complexion, it might be time to turn to facial treatments. Not only will it boost a smoother and younger looking appearance, but it also provides a healthier skin condition that your skin will thank you over time. We have listed facial treatments that mainly target aging and acne problems. If any or both of these tick your boxes, then you might find a fitting facial treatment below. 

7 Facial Treatments for Smooth, Glowing Skin

1. Facelift

As the name suggests, a facelift is a treatment that pulls your facial skin back to achieve a desired lifted look. This is perfect for people who are looking for solutions to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and sagging. This occurs with aging, when our skin produces lower levels of collagen which results in an unpleasant sagging of the skin. 


Facelifts are typically achieved through surgery, but if you want to try a non-invasive procedure for now, give The Aivee Clinic’s TempSure a try. This treatment only lasts 20 minutes without any surgical procedure. You’ll see instant results without any cuts and bruises, just a more youthful, lifted mug after the treatment. 

Try: TempSure, Price available upon request, THE AIVEE CLINIC, Vertis North

2. Microdermabrasion

If you are looking to improve the overall texture of your skin, the microdermabrasion treatment targets many skin concerns like, acne marks, hyperpigmentation, fine lines & wrinkles, stretchmarks, melasma, sun damage, and enlarged pores. So if you have two or more of these skin concerns that you need to address, microdermabrasion is more than worth it! This is a lightly invasive procedure that lightly sands your skin with small needles to reveal a smoother complexion.

For your microdermabrasion facial, head to Flawless and avail the Power Facial treatment. They use gentle abrasion and extraction to improve the quality of your skin texture. And, don’t worry if you have sensitive skin because this facial will remain comfortable even after the procedure.   

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Try: Power Facial, P5,500, FLAWLESS, SM Mall of Asia 

3. Chemical Peel

For concerns like dullness, wrinkles, and age spots, a chemical peel facial treatment unveils a firmer and youthful-looking appearance. It achieves this by applying a chemical exfoliant solution onto the face to remove the top layer skin, resulting in a smoother and more radiant-looking complexion. 

If you’re curious to try, Shinagawa offers two kinds of chemical peels: The AHA Peel and TCA Peel. The AHA Peel uses a mild exfoliant to slough off dull skin, while the TCA Peel uses a stronger peeling agent to target the deeper layers of the skin. It depends on your skin condition on which treatment it could handle, so consult their experts to know which one is for you.

Try: AHA Peel and TCA Peel, Prices available upon request, SHINAGAWA LASIK AND AESTHETICS, Mezzanine Tower 2 

4. HydraFacial 

The HydraFacial has become one of the most popular facial spa trends because it’s a non-invasive and relaxing procedure that makes the skin baby-soft. What makes this procedure so in-demand is that it delivers many treatments in one go such as cleansing, chemical peel, extraction, collagen building, facial relaxing, and providing hydration to the skin. FYI, the device involved in this treatment uses LED light therapy: blue light for clearing acne marks, and red light for targeting wrinkles. 


For your HydraFacial, try the Skin Soak treatment in Glow Skin Clinic. Not only will they be generous in bathing your skin with intensive serums, but they will also provide an eye treatment to ensure that your tired eye area will feel rejuvenated afterwards. 

Try: Skin soak, P8000, GLOW SKIN CLINIC, Uptown Mall 

5. Fraxel Laser

Another resurfacing treatment you can try is the Fraxel Laser. It treats hyperpigmentation, scarring, sun damage, and wrinkles. It encourages the growth of new and healthy skin cells, while destroying old and damaged ones at the same time. This treatment is best for people who want to remove permanent deep scarring like icepick, boxcar, and rolling scars that regular skincare would never be able to treat. 

The Belo Medical Group offers the Fraxel Dual treatment, which is a near-painless procedure that features two different laser procedures—one to target hyperpigmentation and sun damage, while the other aims at deep acne and wrinkles. 


Try: Fraxel Dual, P18,000, BELO, Greenbelt

6. Acne Facial

If you are acne-prone then you are no stranger in having to pamper your skin more often. Aside from skincare, a regular acne facial from the spa is also highly recommended. This will help you reduce sebum production, extract white heads and blackheads, reduce existing acne, fade acne marks, prevent new blemishes, and improve skin texture. 

To treat your acne-prone skin, visit a Skinstation clinic to avail their Anti-Acne Facial. They use formulas that penetrate deeply into the skin and perform extractions to make sure that you won’t be getting acne any time soon. 

Try: Anti-Acne Facial, Price available upon request, SKINSTATION, SM Megamall 

7. Co2 Laser 

Last on the list is the Co2 laser. This is a resurfacing treatment that does not only diminish deep wrinkles and scars, but also warts, birthmarks, and enlarged oil glands. If these are some of your skin concerns, this may be the procedure for you! The Co2 laser involves continuous light beams that provide minimal heat in order to remove thin layers of the skin. 


If you are interested, Cathy Valencia offers the Fractional Co2 Laser Surfacing treatment in their clinic. It aims to replace old skin cells with healthy cells, providing immediate results for acne scars and melasma after a session or two.

Try: Fractional Co2 Laser Surfacing, Price available upon request, CATHY VALENCIA, Eastwood

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