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If You Love Gentle Cleansers, Then You Have to Try This

The product everyone's been obsessing over, explained.
If You Love Gentle Cleansers, Then You Have to Try This
IMAGE Origins, Neogen
The product everyone's been obsessing over, explained.

The term travel-friendly is that one product claim that's almost as engaging as "affordable "and "gentle". It just gives things a flair of convenience and ease, sometimes without even actually being so. But let's be real: all skin care products can be travel-friendly if they're under 100ml and securely packed. That is, unless it's something you can literally just throw into your suitcase and not worry about until you land. Does such a product even exist? Of course.

Introducing, cleansing sticks, the solid cleanser that's sweeping the K-beauty world. Ignore the fact that its cylindrical packaging reminds you of, well, deodorant, it foams up and cleans your skin just like a regular face wash, only without the mess. Think of it as the skincare equivalent of a foundation stick, which you apply directly onto your skin instead of with your fingers, brush or sponge. After application, all that’s left for you to do is lather and rinse.


Our favorite thing about cleansing sticks is that they don't dry out the skin. They are primarily formulated with skincare oils, which help maintain its shape, as opposed to the culprit soap ingredients that can cause drying. A lot of cleansing sticks claim to be all-in-one cleansers that remove makeup as well. They’re just too convenient too pass up.

Interested? Here are some to add to your routine and your in-flight beauty kit!

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IMAGE Neogen

Neogen Real Fresh Cleansing Stick, P900, Beautymnl

A K-beauty favorite, this product gently cleanses the skin and provides mild exfoliating using natural ingredients.

IMAGE Origins

Origins Modern Friction Cleansing Stick with Exfoliating White & Purple Rice, P1550, SM Makati

The white and purple rice extracts from this will give you brighter and smoother skin in a jiffy.


IMAGE Caolion

Caolion Pore Triple Action Cleansing Stick in Green Tea, P1425,

Consider your double-cleanse done after you watch this balm-oil-foam cleanser hybrid transform on your skin.


IMAGE Boscia


Boscia Charcoal Deep-Pore Cleansing Stick Treatment, P1580,

The purifying properties of charcoal are always a good idea for cleansers, and this has that charcoal magic in foaming stick form.

IMAGE Althea

Secret Key Lemon Sparkling Stick Cleanser, P1000, Althea

Take off your makeup with the invigorating scent of lemon by including this in your routine. Did we mention that it has a silicone brush at the bottom to help you get a deeper clean?



Nakeup Face Stress Zero Cleansing Stick, P830, Althea

If it's a stress-free, mild cleanser you're looking for, look no further than this chia seed and blueberry extract-infused face wash.

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