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Check Out the Facial Cleansing Brush Beauty Girls Are Obsessed With

Skincare has never looked so good and so high-tech.
Check Out the Facial Cleansing Brush Beauty Girls Are Obsessed With

You use all the skincare essentials in your skincare regimen religiously. For sure, you're going to have better-looking skin, right? Not really. Here’s the tricky part: You might not be working your cleanser well enough to cleanse your pores and scrub dirt and dead skin off your face. What’s more, your skin might not be absorbing all the products you’re putting on your face.

As a beauty girl, your skincare is of utmost importance, which is why you're as if in constant search for the holy grail that could give you smoother, clearer, and healthier-looking skin. In case you didn't know, high-tech beauty is a real thing, and it doesn't only exist in a dermatologist's clinic. The latest buzzword in skincare tech? An electronic facial cleansing brush. Carried by Swedish beauty brand FOREO, the LUNA Mini 2 is a three-zone face brush and massager that's suitable for every skin type. It uses T-Sonic pulsations with up to eight intensity levels to gently exfoliate skin and clear pores of leftover makeup, dirt, and oil to help prevent breakouts. It's the current favorite and travel essential of these beauty girls—from high fashion bloggers to fresh-faced athletes:

1. Camille Co

2. Patricia Prieto

3. Laureen Uy

4. Melissa Gohing 

To use the LUNA mini 2, first, apply your facial cleanser onto your skin. Dampen the cleansing side of the device, then activate the cleansing mode. Gently swipe the LUNA 2 across your face in circular motions—do this for one minute, then rinse your face to reveal a healthy glow and cleaner, fresher-looking skin.

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