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5 Sunscreens for Your Face That Aren't Sticky

Here's how you can protect your skin without the grease.
5 Sunscreens for Your Face That Aren't Sticky
Here's how you can protect your skin without the grease.

Being in the tropics, summer never ends. And with the harsh sun always shining its brightest on all of us, you shouldn’t forget to take care of your skin. UV rays can damage your skin, cause discoloration and dark spots, and even speed up the aging process. To avoid these, you must always wear sunscreen! The usual problem is that most sunscreens are sticky, greasy, and chalky-looking when applied. But to help you with this woe, we’ve rounded up five best sunscreens that will not feel oily nor leave residue onto your face. Check them out below.

IMAGE Neutrogena

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen Broad Spectrum, P530, Watsons

Neutrogena’s Helioplex technology offers stabilized sunscreen tech. This is especially formulated to protect your skin from sunburn. What’s more, it’s lightweight, water-resistant, and fast-absorbing!


IMAGE Clarins

Clarins Sunscreen for face - wrinkle control cream SPF 50+, P1640, Rustan's

Lightweight and easy to apply, you won’t just be protecting your skin against the sun’s harmful rays, but also preventing premature wrinkles from showing up with this product!

IMAGE Lancôme

Lancôme Bienfait UV SPF 50+, P1900, Greenbelt 5

Lancôme’s sunscreen is oil-free and fit for sensitive skin, which makes it a good product to wear under your makeup or even just on its own.

IMAGE La Roche-Posay

La Roche-Posay Anthelios 60 Ultra-Light Sunscreen Fluid, P1498, La Roche-Posay

La Roche-Posay’s sunscreen won’t just protect the skin from the UV rays with its Cell-Ox shield antioxidant technology; it will also tone down your skin redness, leaving a matte finish that's free from any visible residue.


IMAGE Shiseido

Shiseido UV protective liquid foundation, P1745, Greenbelt

Doubling as sunscreen and foundation, get full coverage plus sun protection with its SuperVeil-UV 360 technnology and ProfenseCELTM to prevent aging. Shiseido’s UV protective liquid foundation’s water and oil resistant formula will leave your skin flawless with a dewy and luminous finish!

Photos from Neutrogena, Clarins, Lancome, La Roche-Posay and Shiseido.

Main image illustrated by Gab Gutierrez.