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How to Find a Flattering Haircut for Your Face Shape, According to a Hairstylist

Take note for your next salon visit!
How to Find a Flattering Haircut for Your Face Shape, According to a Hairstylist
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Take note for your next salon visit!

Have you ever chosen a haircut only to realize that it doesn't really suit you? Well, we've all been there; tirelessly waiting for our hair to grow back after a drastic cut. So before making such a decision next time, here is one thing to consider: your face shape.

Facial structure plays such a vital role when deciding on a haircut, because it determines the features you can either accentuate or hide. This was also pointed out by YouTube personality and hairstylist Brad Mondo, who laid down haircut options for each face shape to help us figure out our next 'do. He noted that an oval shape is the most desirable according to studies, so his suggestions aim to give the face an oval-like illusion. Now, let's find out your face shape to determine which haircut fits you best!

1. Oval

If the length of your face is slightly longer with a soft jawline and feminine hairline, then you have an oval face shape. This shape is deemed as the ideal; therefore, any haircut would look good on you. But Brad suggests trying out a blunt chin length bob for some edginess, or a blunt lob if you want a tamer look.


2. Round

Your face shape is round if you have a smooth and circular facial structure. To cut down on the roundness, refrain from getting short haircuts. Instead, let your hair be long with wispy layering around the face to give an illusion of more defined cheekbones.

3. Square

If the height and width of your face are similar to one another, and you have a boxy hairline and jaw, this indicates that you have a square-shaped face. Opt for medium to long hair with rounded bangs to tame the angularity of your face.

4. Oblong

An oblong face shape is a combination of an oval and square. This is if the height of your face is almost twice the side of its width. Brad encourages getting a short haircut with bangs for this shape because it trims the length of your face. Adding some layers also provides body for a fuller-looking mug.

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5. Heart

If your forehead and cheekbones are wide and you have a slightly pointed chin, then you have a heart-shaped face. Like the oblong, go for a rounded short haircut that will add more width to your jaw. You can also add a side-swept bang to give an impression of a narrow forehead.

6. Diamond

You have a diamond face if your cheeks are wider than your forehead and jaw. To slim down your cheeks, Brad mentions that a sleek hairstyle of any length is good enough, but if you want a little roundness to your jaw, a chin-length cut will suit you!

Watch Brad Mondo's full video below:

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