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What Are Face Mists and Why Do You Need Them?

Should you really have one?
What Are Face Mists and Why Do You Need Them?
IMAGE Beauty Bar, Glamourbox, Pyunkang Yul
Should you really have one?

Carrying all your skincare with you everywhere might not be practical, but bringing just one face mist is. This workhorse product is so multi-purpose, it can address anything from dehydrated skin to cakey makeup in just one spritz.

Basically, a face mist is a liquid skincare product that is dispensed through a spray bottle. It is packaged this way to be portable and convenient to apply unlike your average moisturizer and serum. That said, it contains beneficial skincare ingredients that will help relieve specific skin issues on-the-go.

So no, it's definitely not just tap water in a fancy bottle! Don't believe us? Here's a list of reasons why you should get on the misting train ASAP:

1. It can work as a toner.

Toners are meant to restore the skin's pH level after cleansing, a.k.a. calm it down. And if your mist has soothing ingredients like aloe vera and rose water, it can easily act as one. Other usual toner components like witch hazel and plant oils (tea tree, lavender, etc.) are common in mists as well! The best part? You don't need a cotton pad to apply it!


Christine Chang, founder of Korean skincare curator Glow Recipe, shares that she mists before putting on a face mask so her skin is moist and ready to soak up even more moisture.

2. It works as a light moisturizer and makeup primer.

Makeup doesn't adhere well to dry skin, so any bit of moisture you put on will help products glide over the skin smoother. Hydrating face mists can leave a moisturizing veil that will help foundation and concealer blend better. Also, in case your skin suddenly dries out in the middle of makeup application, misting will add extra moisture without you having to apply an extra layer of heavy skincare.

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3. It tones down powdery-looking skin.

When you get carried away with powder and end up looking as chalky as cement, don't panic. A few sprays of a silky face mist will settle the dry finish of face powder and bring back some natural luminosity to your skin.

4. It can calm down irritated skin.


Heat and humidity are the usual culprits behind irritation, so give yourself a quick mist when exposed to them to instantly cool your skin. It's like giving yourself a hands-free ice bath, except you're not using regular water that'll just evaporate and dry your face out even more.

5. As a midday hydrator.


Last but not the least, face mists are popular for the way they hydrate the skin any time, any where. Working in an air-conditioned office, for example, can leave your skin parched by early afternoon. But instead of washing your face and reapplying moisturizer, a few spritzes of mist is your convenient alternative. Keep one bottle on your desk and in your makeup bag to always be prepared!

Ready to put your misting face on? Do so with the products below!


IMAGE Dermalogica

DERMALOGICA UltraCalming Mist, P1750, Rustan's

Protect sensitive skin from flare-ups with this soothing mist with botanical actives that work within the skin's surface to stop inflammation.

IMAGE Sephora

CAUDALIE Beauty Elixir, P848,

A French girl favorite that will give you that dewy glow. It's packed with tons of skin-loving plant oils (rosemary, orange, and rose) so it could double as a light serum!


IMAGE Sephora

HERBIVORE BOTANICALS Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist, P1605,

An all-natural spray that's both eye candy and filled with all the good stuff. Every spray charges your skin with a burst of coconut water, hibiscus extract, rose, witch hazel, and aloe vera.


IMAGE Pyunkang Yul

PYUNKANG YUL Mist Toner, P900, Beautymnl

Almost 92% of this mist and toner hybrid is not water but a plant-derived anti-inflammatory ingredient called coptis japonica root. Use it to calm down those pores in the blistering heat!

IMAGE Glamourbox

PIXI Vitamin Wakeup Mist, P995, Glamourbox

Wake your skin up with a lovely whiff of citrus while giving it extra hydration either before or after makeup.


IMAGE Beauty Bar

SMASHBOX Photo Finish Primer Water, P1800, Beauty Bar

A convenient spray for makeup artists and enthusiasts that primes the face for makeup and removes a dry, powdery finish.

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