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How to Keep Your Brows Looking Flawless If You Have Bangs

Bye, patchy brows.
How to Keep Your Brows Looking Flawless If You Have Bangs
Bye, patchy brows.

After seven years, I got bangs again. While I love my new hairstyle, I wasn't prepared for how it would affect my eyebrow routine. Pre-fringe, I only used a pencil and clear brow mascara to groom my arches, which made them good enough to last the whole day. But now that my bangs always hit my brows, they tend to end up looking patchy and messy after only a few hours.

By trial-and-error, I've finally found the right beauty tricks and products that work! So if you also have a fringe, take note of these:

1. Clean your brows with makeup remover.

In case you didn't know, your strands have oil and dirt. And having bangs means they can easily transfer to your face and brows. Use makeup remover or micellar water to make sure your arches are clean of bacteria and sebum before applying brow makeup.


SIMPLE Micellar Cleansing Water, P299, Zalora

2. Brush your brow hairs up with a spoolie.

Doing this extra step will make sure to get rid of any leftover skincare or makeup products stuck in your brows!

3. Apply a tinted brow gel.

Before filling them in, swipe on a bit of tinted brow mascara on your arches. This will not only give them a hint of color and slightly set them, but will also allow you to see which areas still need filling in.

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BYS Brow Tint, P349,

4. Draw hair-like strokes using a liquid brow pen.

While eyebrow pencils are amazing, I found that even the most long-wearing formulas still disappear by the end of the day, thanks to my bangs. But with liquid eyebrow pens, once the ink dries down, it stays on like a tattoo. Plus, it's so easy to draw on faux hairs to fill in the gaps!


K-PALETTE 1Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyebrow Liner 24Hr, P795, Rustan's The Beauty Source

5. Set it with clear mascara.

Brush those hairs up! Make sure you use a good quality brow gel as this will be the final layer in your routine. Remember to let the clear mascara completely dry before you style your fringe. 


BENEFIT 24-Hour Brow Setter Clear Brow Gel, P1500, Robinson's Magnolia

*This story originally appeared on Cosmo.phMinor edits have been made by the editors.

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