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The Best Eyebrow Product Combos to Achieve Your Best Brows Ever

Check out our recommended products, depending on your dream brows!
The Best Eyebrow Product Combos to Achieve Your Best Brows Ever
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Check out our recommended products, depending on your dream brows!

You can draw your eyebrows with any product in your kit, but when you have a specific look in mind—be it a certain shape or texture—some will inevitably work better than others. (Not sure what kind of brow suits you? Click here for an expert's guide.) Some even work better in pairs when it comes to filling in and blending out those hairs, resulting in your dream brows. We've tried tons of these combos ourselves, and below, we've combined the best pairs according to the look they can help you master. Keep scrolling to play a little game of product tetris!

Straight Brows

Angled brow pencil + Tinted brow gel

Copping a straight brow is all about drawing those flat edges, and an angled brow pencil is the perfect tool for the job. Use the tip of the pencil to sketch your outlines, and color the insides by gently running the pencil over the skin like you're brushing it out. Now that you have your shape, brush a tinted mascara over your brow hairs to add texture and achieve that 3D look.


PHOTO BY EB Advance, Careline
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EB ADVANCE Brow Define with Paddle Brush, P150, Watsons; CARELINE Brow Gel Mascara, P145, Robinson's Department Store

Defined Brows

Brow Pomade + Concealer Pencil

For a picture-perfect arch with zero gaps, you need products that were made for sculpting. A brow pomade, for one, can provide you with intense pigment to create your ideal shape and fill in your brows. Pick up the product with an angled brow brush to create precise lines. It's basically like painting a new set of brows on! To sharpen any shaky lines, sculpt the outline of your arches with a high-coverage concealer pencil or skin-toned brow highlighter!

PHOTO BY Sephora

ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Dipbrow Pomade, P1255; Pro Pencil, P1255,

Soft, Natural Brows

Eyebrow powder + Brow crayon

If you're already happy with your brows but need help in the fullness department, perfect your form with a brow powder, which has softer color payoff than a pomade. Powders are easier to blend and correct, too, so it's perfect for beginners! With an angled brush, use the powder to accentuate the tail of your brows and/or the arch. Fill in the rest of your brows with a brow crayon for a softer finish that also sets them in place, thanks to the built-in wax.




REVLON Colorsay Brow Kit, P625; Colorstay Brow Crayon, P375, Beautymnl

Brushed-Up Brows

Skinny brow pencil + Waterproof brow gel

Creating brushed-up brows is a delicate process. Your arches should look almost bare, as if you aren't wearing any makeup at all, so it's important to be as light-handed with your products as possible. Opting for a skinny brow pencil for the filling process should ease the process, as this will help you draw realistic hairlike strokes. Once you get rid of any gaps, brush all your hairs upwards with a strong-hold brow gel to keep them in place all day.


SUNNIES FACE Lifebrow Skinny Pencil, P295; Lifebrow Grooming Gel, P345, Lazada

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