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We Did the Math: Here's How Much Every Eyebrow Hair Removal Method Costs

Is your go-to method worth it?
We Did the Math: Here's How Much Every Eyebrow Hair Removal Method Costs
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Is your go-to method worth it?

Anyone who knows me is aware of the fact that I love anything eyebrow-related. I love trying out new brow products in the hopes of finding a new holy grail item. I also like grooming my arches and making sure they're in tip-top shape all the time. My chosen method of hair removal is threading. Even though it can be kind of painful, I like how clean and polished my brows look after one session. The only downside is its cost can add up, especially since I go every month.

This led me to think about other methods of eyebrow hair removal like plucking, shaving, and waxing. I was curious to see if I was spending too much on threading when there are more inexpensive options. Keep scrolling to see the results:


In threading, a technician makes use of a long piece of thread to pull out the hair.


Cost: P110 per session (Laybare); P180 per session (Brow Lounge); P698 per session (Browhaus)

How often: Every three to four weeks

Is worth it? Yes! I get my eyebrows threaded every month at LayBare for P110 per session. My brow hairs grow quickly, so I tend to go back every three weeks or so. It's super worth it for me though, as I have thick arches and they stay clean for almost a month.


Shaving makes use of a razor to clean up the stray hairs on the brows. It's also the most convenient, painless, and inexpensive option. Best of all, you can do it yourself.

Cost: P50 per razor

How often: Once every week

Is worth it? Not really. Even though it quickly cleans up the brows, it doesn't remove the hairs from the follicles, which means they grow back faster. It's also easy to cut yourself or get razor burn if you're not careful. Plus, it's not environmentally-friendly because you have to replace your tool every few weeks (the blades get dull quickly).

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Tweezing is also another relatively easy hair removal method you can do on your own. You pluck out your stray hairs straight from the follicle using a tweezer.

Cost: P70 per tweezer

How often: Every few days for upkeep

Is worth it? Not really. You have to tweeze every week or so to keep the regrowth at bay. It can also be hard to shape your brows just by tweezing, especially if you're a newbie.


For this method, the attendant applies a thin layer of hot or cold wax on the patch of unwanted hair and deftly pulls it in the opposite direction.

Cost: P700 per session

How often: Once every month

Is worth it? Yes! Even though it's one of the more painful methods, you can be sure that you'll have groomed brows for almost a month. (Yay for little to no upkeep!)

Bottom line

After exploring and researching all the other options, I have come to the conclusion that threading is still the best choice for me. While plucking and shaving might be more time-efficient, I'm not too keen on the upkeep. I like not worrying about how my eyebrows for a full 30 days, LOL! As for the price, I find it to be the middle ground of the four. I'm okay with shelling out P110 every month if it means I get to have perfectly groomed kilay.


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