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No, Using Castor Oil Won't Make Your Eyebrows Grow Thicker

And more brow hair myths you need to stop believing.
No, Using Castor Oil Won't Make Your Eyebrows Grow Thicker
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And more brow hair myths you need to stop believing.

The way your eyebrows look—from its shape, size and texture, has a big impact on your features. This is why it's so important to be cautious with the remedies you practice and believe, especially if you just found them online.

To help you out, we've listed five of the most common brow growth and maintenance myths and debunked them for you:

Myth # 1: Applying regrowth serum, castor oil, and petroleum jelly will make your brows thicker.

Most brow regrowth serums and products contain peptides, vitamins, and oils that only strengthen hair follicles to avoid eyebrow hair fall. These are great for potentially aiding the regrowth process if you've accidentally overplucked your brows, but not necessarily making the hairs themselves fuller.

As for castor oil, it's said that there is no real evidence that proves it contributes to hair growth. Dermatologist Dr. Andrea Suarez (or Dr. Dray as she's known on YouTube) says castor oil merely provides an illusion of thicker hair from the way the thick oil coats the hair on your brows. However, castor oil does contain a chemical compound called ricinoleic acid that may treat hair loss. In short, there's no guarantee that using castor oil will help thicken your arches, but there's no harm in using them either.


Meanwhile, petroleum jelly contains mineral oil which only moisturizes your brow area to relieve dry and flaky skin. Hydrated hair is less likely to fall off, so it may prevent hair fall. That said, smilar to the products above, no research has proven hair growth benefits from mineral oil. But you can definitely repurpose it as a brow gel if you want to!

If you really want to push for fuller-looking brows, you may want to consider procedures like microblading that involves filling your brows with strokes of semi-permanent makeup, or brow lamination that acts like a perm for your brows to achieve a uniformed shape for a long period of time.

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Myth # 2: Your brow hairs will grow thicker if you remove them.

Whether you shave, thread, or wax your brows, it won't affect your eyebrow hair growth. Your hair growth is influenced predominantly by your hormones and genetic factors, along with skin and scalp nourishment, so your brows will grow back the same way after removal.

Myth # 3: Plucking your brow hairs will cause hair loss.

While overplucking may damage your hair follicle and cause eyebrow hairs to fall out, plucking your brows the right way usually ensures that they'll grow back to their original state. So fret not, you can still have your natural brows back after a failed shaping session!

Myth # 4: Groomed eyebrows are high-maintenance.

As long as you have the shape of your brows down, they shouldn't be. Threaded brows don't grow back until after a few weeks, and the same goes for waxed and plucked brows. Besides, whenever you spot a stray hair or feel it getting too bushy for your liking, just grab some tweezers or a razor to reshape. But if you still find that to be a hassle, you can always just pull off a natural bushy brow look and not groom them at all!

PHOTO BY Instagram/idaandu

Myth # 5: Your eyebrows should be identical to look good.

Eyebrows are actually sisters, not twins—they don't have to look exactly the same. Each of our brows tend to grow differently and that's completely normal! If you want them to be identical, it will depend more on how you fill in and style your brows than the way they grow naturally.


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