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Eye Opener

Five steps to bigger, brighter peepers.
Eye Opener Five steps to bigger, brighter peepers.

What's up, bright eyes? The holidays are around the corner—eek!—and we're already feeling the drama building up bit by bit. What better way to herald the upcoming party season that with high-impact eyes?

When it comes to your peepers, both sexes agree that bigger—or at the very least, more defined—is surely better. Particularly in Asian countries, where cultures are more conservative and deep eye folds are a blessing, large, expressive eyes are not only considered a prime indicator of beauty and sex appeal, but as a major communication tool as well. Eyes that speak volumes without saying a single word are the holy grail of most all women; those that can knock a man or two off his feet, a la Ziyi Zhang in Memoirs of A Geisha, are indeed deeply coveted.

Human behaviorists say that men are attracted to big, bright eyes because they signify health and fertility. Mimic this super attractive nubility with beautiful orbs without a hint of dark circles, highlighted to the max with pretty eyeliner and framed by the flirtiest of fringes. When it comes to the windows to your soul, it's high time we pull out all the stops and make sure the view is loud and clear.

Click on for five simple, sure-fire tips to getting big, bright eyes.

—Eunice Lucero, Beauty Editor

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