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How to Give a Men's Haircut at Home, According to a Hairstylist

Hairstylist Lourd Ramos gives us some easy tips.
How to Give a Men's Haircut at Home, According to a Hairstylist
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Hairstylist Lourd Ramos gives us some easy tips.
If you're quarantined with your brother, boyfriend, husband, or dad, you probably have the urge to shave all their hair off because they're starting to look like cavemen. Whether it's out of annoyance or pure love, doing so can make or break your relationship, so it's important to know how to do it right.

It's a good thing that giving a men's haircut is easy—the hardest part would probably be getting them to sit still and trust what you're doing. Professional hairstylist Lourd Ramos shares with us some no-fail techniques when giving a men's haircut. First, here are things you're going to need:

  • A pair of regular pointed scissors
  • A razor/clipper
  • A comb
  • Hair clips (one or two will do)
  • A neck brush (a makeup brush can be an alternative)
  • A towel
  • A cape (a garbage bag can be an alternative)

Check out these expert tips on how to give a men's haircut at home:


Start with clean hair.

Make sure yourbrother, boyfriend, husband, or dad has already shampooed their hair before you give them a haircut. Unwashed hair can still have some styling products in it which can bog the hair down, making it difficult to get a clean and even cut.

Put a towel over their shoulders and layer a cape over.

If you don't have a barber's cape, you can use a garbage bag as an alternative. Just cut the bag open in the middle to create a makeshift cape and clip it together in front.

Clip the hair at the top of the head in place.

Section the hair aligned with the ends of their eyebrows and clip it at the top of their head. This gives you an entire square of hair on their head and helps you prevent from cutting their hair excessively.

Use the Razor-Over-Comb technique.

Starting from the temple area on either side of the head, hold a comb horizontally against the head and run the clipper over the comb, clipping the strands that go through the teeth of the comb.

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Make sure you clip systematically.

An important thing to keep in mind is to clip systematically. Start with the temple, to the ear, to the back of the head all the way to the other side. Jumping from one place to another can cause an uneven cut.

Alternatively, use the Scissors-Over-Comb technique.

men's haircut scissors over comb technique

Don't have a razor? No worries. You can use the same technique using regular scissors. Starting from the bottom of the head going up, hold the comb horizontally against the head, using it as a guide to cut the hair. "Be sure your comb doesn’t move too much as you’re [cutting] the hair because that will create imbalances," shares Ramos.

Brush off hair from neck and shoulders.

Take your neck brush (if you don't have one, a makeup brush will do) and start brushing off clipped hair from neck and shoulders. Remove the hair clip, cape, and towel and voila! A cleaner look for the men in your life.

Bonus: If you want to trim the top part of the hair (the hair that you clipped to the top of the head in the beginning), start from the back of the head working forwards, use your index and middle fingers to pinch some hair between them (imagine your fingers as the scissors) then start snipping the hair on top of your fingers at an angle. Repeat the process until you've worked through the entire top part of his head. Easy-peasy!


If you're a man and want to do the haircutting yourself, Ramos also shares how you can do it on your own. Just check out this video:

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