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Exfoliation 101

Everything you need to know about exfoliating is here.
Exfoliation 101 Everything you need to know about exfoliating is here.

Our skin also needs a reboot for it to be in a healthy state. Exfoliation helps majorly in this process so we've answered the common questions linked to skin polishing.

Why do you need to exfoliate? 

We naturally shed our skin every three weeks, but there are instances when the dead skin doesn't completely fall off, leaving a layer of buildup that will cause skin problems like blackheads, whiteheads, and dull skin (major beauty faux pas!). Aside from looking extra tired, your foundation or alphabet creams won't stick well on your skin. Also, dead skin blocks off necessary nutrients that your serums and creams pump up on your skin.

How often should I do it?

Unknowingly, we exfoliate our skin each time we move: when you dry your face with a face towel or when your top touches your face when you take it off, you gently remove nano-sized rough patches. Hence, adding a little push to the skin's renewal process is only required. We recommend that you peel away dead skin at most twice a week. Leaving the skin bare of its natural defense through over-exfoliating can make your current skin condition worse. If you have oily skin, it will get greasier because your oil glands would think that your skin is too dry. 

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What kind of exfoliant should I look for?

One thing for sure, do not use anything too abrasive on your skin. We see a number of facial scrubs with nutshells as the mechanical element to buff the skin. These cause micro-tears on your delicate face—making it susceptible to irritation, redness, and infection. If you like the feeling of getting polished, grab a double-duty cleansing scrub with tiny beads that can clean and slough away dead skin in one go. Gommages, also a type of exfoliant, gently polishes your skin by dissolving dead skin buildup. They usually come in gel or cream form; the fruit enzymes lift the skin leaving a fresh, post-spa-pampering glow. Another type would be professional acid peel. It may sound like a scene from a horror flick, but it's otherwise.  Peels with glycolic or salicylic acid melt dead skin and reveal younger-looking, cottony soft skin.

You can start unveiling new, healthy skin with the following skin buffers, click on the gallery to see them all.