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This Is the Exact Lip Combo Jenna Ortega Wore in "Wednesday"

This Is the Exact Lip Combo Jenna Ortega Wore in "Wednesday"
IMAGE netflix/wednesday
Here's how to achieve her iconic soft goth look in the Netflix series.

ICYMI, the exact lip combo that Jenna Ortega wears in her new hit Netflix series Wednesday was finally revealed on Tiktok, and it’s all thanks to beauty and pop culture expert Cat Quinn (@catquinn)

The popularity of the The Addams Family spinoff has most of us, including celebs, wanting to try out the goth aesthetic. So if you’ve been dying to recreate out the iconic Wednesday Addams look, we're here to spill the beans on the exact lippie she used: 

The Exact Lip Combo Jenna Ortega Wears on Wednesday 

To get the exact lip color worn by Wednesday, you only need two essential items: MAC Cosmetics’ Lip Pencil in Nightmoth and a clear lip balm. Yes, that’s all it takes!  

PHOTO BY MAC Cosmetics


Lip Pencil in Nightmoth, $16 (Approximately P885), MAC COSMETICS, MAC Cosmetics 

That said, you can’t simply go in with the lip liner directly. Achieving the perfect Wednesday lip is all about the application technique. Here’s how to do it step by step, according to Quinn:

1. Mix the liner and the lip balm in a pot or on the back of your hand.

2. Using the mixture of lip liner and lip balm, apply the combo all over your pout for that "soft goth" lip.

    You want the color to look natural on you, almost as if you’re not even wearing any lipstick. And you’re done! Now go out and flaunt your new soft goth look.

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