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Everything You Need to Know About Hair Contouring

Everything You Need to Know About Hair Contouring
For your next salon appointment.

Much like makeup, you can now contour your hair, too!

Hair contouring is basically free-hand coloring and highlighting to enhance facial features. Like in makeup, contouring works with shading while highlighting accentuates certain features of the face. It sounds pretty much like balayage but in essence, it’s simply using coloring techniques to strategically frame and shape the face.

Below is your newbie guide if you want to try hair contouring on your next salon appointment.

For round faces

To taper the face, lighter tones are applied around the hairline to the ears to elongate the face while darker shades are painted underneath the ears up to the ends to give more definition on the lower part of the face.

For oval faces


To create a shorter and slimmer face, oval faces should color their roots a darker tone and then merge it into cascading threads of light and dark shades from the ear to the tips of the hair.

For square faces

Layer tones of light and dark shades to soften your bone structure along the jaws and temples.

For heart-shaped face

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Heart-shaped faces are like inverted triangles with a strong tip at the chin. To soften the said feature, weave light shades underneath the ears and along the jawline to create a more ovular shape.

Main image and photos illustrated by Gab Gutierrez.

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