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Everyday Blow-drying Techniques

Alex Carbonell gives you four easy tricks for blow-drying at home.
Everyday Blow-drying Techniques Alex Carbonell gives you four easy tricks for blow-drying at home.

More often than not, it is the more basic of hair techniques that have got women baffled when it comes to recreating them at home. One such elusive style is the perfect blow-dry. Walking out of salons after having our hair newly cut, we often wonder why we can’t seem to recreate the effortly bouncy style in the mornings before the office. We decided to ask Alex Carbonell of Studio Fix by Alex Carbonell to help us decode some steps for at home use. What we learned? The perfect blowdry is a little less perfect than we thought. Volume and texture make the look more wearable and not to mention easier to achieve. Some guidelines to remember before you start:

  1. Know your hair consistency. For the typical girl who only has a few precious moments to spend on their hair every morning, it’s no use thinking you can achieve stick straight hair when you have a thick head of frizz.
  2. Find the right products for your hair and develop a styling regimen. The basics are a heat protecting product which protects your hair from hot-irons and blowdryers and helps the styles to adhere better, a medium hold hair spray to keep it set the whole day and a volumizer for added oomph as early at 8 in the morning. Keeping these handy will save you time and energy, trust us.  
  3. Get a great cut. Alex notes that the easiest way to achieve any style by yourself at home is to have a great haircut as a base.  

Watch the video here to see Alex demonstrate four different blow-drying techniques to try at home, all done interestingly enough, with just the use of your own two hands.

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